Unitasker Wednesday: How would you like your eggs?

Gun FryerIf your answer to the title question is, “With as much fire power as possible,” I may have found an item for you. Have you ever eaten eggs in the shape of a .45? Well, now is your chance with Gun Egg Fryers, brought to you by the lovely folks at UrbanTrend.

In my quest to find ridiculous unitaskers, I often come across questionable and weird products. The Gun Egg Fryer is very perplexing to me and fits into the questionable category. Does food in the shape of a firearm taste better? Are the Gun Egg Fryers part of some bizarre national trend? Maybe weapon shaped food is the next big thing for 2008.

Can you please pass the bazooka shaped pepper mill?

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Rebecca on

    Gosh, I think almost everything on that site could be featured on Unitasker Wednesday!

  2. posted by Michael on

    Unitasker? You don’t have to stop at eggs! Pancakes, jello molds, biscuits, chopped liver sculptures, terrines…the gun shaped possibilities are endless.

  3. posted by Aaisha on

    Haha, absolutely ridiculous. What I am wondering is how you get the eggs out of the pan? The gun cutout is most likely made of mettle, so that is a serious burn waiting to happen. Ha, then again, maybe this firearm is supposed to pack that punch 🙂

  4. posted by Angela on

    I don’t know — just entering menopause, I find this item strangely appealing.

  5. posted by freedom33 on

    Right on Angela! At least the recepient gets a warning…

  6. posted by Sarah on

    This is what you have for breakfast if you work for the ATF.

  7. posted by Britt on

    “This is what you have for breakfast if you work for the ATF.”

    Yeah, and wait’ll ya see what they serve for lunch and dinner.


  8. posted by Michele on

    Even better: Goody Guns!

  9. posted by ellipsisknits on

    Maybe I misunderstand the product, but isn’t this just a cookie cutter in a frying pan?

  10. posted by Rachel on

    I think it’s cool! Regular food gets boring after awhile, don’t you think? My hubby would love this since he’s a die hard fried egg lover, and as a hobby likes to shoot guns!

  11. posted by tlord on

    I’d like this, except I’m beginning to get cautious / suspicious / skeptical of all things non-stick. Now, that’s mostly based on things I’ve read casually (possibly scurrilous rumors) asserting a link to cancer.

    Now, a stainless steel egg-poacher with a gun-shaped mold, that I would very possibly go for. (I’m serious :))


  12. posted by Liz on

    It’s a first! I BOUGHT something because of Unitasker Wednesday! A definite unitasker! I was looking at the company’s webpage and found the Candle Carver which cuts exactly the right amount out of fruits or vegetables to stick in a tea light candle. (Which is hard to do with a knife–I’ve tried.)

    Back on the subject–the only sentimental kitchen thing which I saved from my own childhood was a round mold which makes pancakes in animal shapes. My three year old loves the results as much as I did.

  13. posted by Erin Doland on

    @ellipsisknits — If you follow the link, you’ll see that there are additional cookie cutters you can buy in the same shape … unitaskers all of them! 🙂

  14. posted by Bags on

    I wonder, do you think they have ‘Peace Sign’ molds? For some reason, whenever I eat anything, I like to cut it into pieces and this a peace mold would really save me the hassle…

    *Badoom Kssssh!*

    OK, that was lame, but this is a cool find.

  15. posted by Cyrano on

    I hate to admit this, but I think this is really, really cool.

  16. posted by amanda on

    Yeah, count me as one of the people who love this. It’s a unitasker, true, but I’ve decluttered so much of my space I have room for it.

  17. posted by garricks on

    So, is there also a “holster” cutter for the toast?

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