Foo Fighters’ bassist abhors clutter

Nate MendelWhen I think of a rock star, I imagine a party-until-dawn lifestyle that isn’t conducive to simple living. Maybe I’ve seen too many lives of excess stories chronicled on VH-1’s Behind the Music? So, it was refreshing for me to read that Foo Fighters’ bassist Nate Mendel buys his music digitally because he “abhors clutter.” From a Houston Chronicle article:

“People are buying fewer CDs every year,” Mendel says. “You don’t want to wait until those sales are finished, before you find a way to run your band.

Mendel isn’t helping CD sales. He admits that he buys his music digitally because “CDs create clutter, and I abhor clutter.”

Maybe Nate would be interested in our post on eliminating CD clutter.

Here’s another rock star who enjoys simple living.

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  1. posted by JohnnyRocket on

    I was tired of moving my CD collection from state to state, apartment to apartment. Realizing that I had every CD already removed from the cases and stored in sleeves, I took all the front inserts from the empty CD cases and threw out the cases. The inserts took up an insignificant amount of space compared to all those boxes. It felt great to get rid of the several garbage bags of CD cases.

  2. posted by Bags on

    I just plain old gave up on CDs. About a year ago, I got an external hard drive for Christmas. I immediately filled it with all of my music. A few months later, someone broke into my car and stole hundreds of dollars wort of my CDs. My date, who had left her door unlocked, felt really bad. I didn’t really care, cause I had all of my music backed up on the hard drive. Digital, and clutter free are the way to go.

    By the way, who steals CDs now a days? Seriously. That’s SO 1998.

  3. posted by samu on

    Keeping everything on hard disks is great indeed; I long for the day when ebook readers advance to the point at which I can do the same with my books as I do with my music and video.


    Backup. Backup. Backup.

    And remember, if you only have two copies, you don’t have real backup. If they’re all in the same place, you don’t have backup at all.

  4. posted by popoff on

    Keeping everything on Your hdd IS another way to clutter. I realised that when try to solve the problem of over a 200 cd/dvd backup collection that arose during the decade. It is fun of course to move it once more to another external storage device after a cleaning that makes it twice smaller piece of data to keep. But in a matter of fact what is a difference beetwen 1000 cds collection and a 50GB backup of it?
    The way is to download, listen, learn, remember and delete. Since I’ve started listening to the music this way i feel more like opened to discover and explore new genres of music.

  5. posted by Miss Lisa on

    There’s always the problem of sound quality. I think digital (particularly rock music) files sound pretty thin. Big thumpy bass seems to demand big clunky storage units (like [shudder] records). I’m kind of surprised he doesn’t mention that.

  6. posted by Tito on

    Was usefull one, thank you

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