Cleaning your floors without effort … that is, if you don’t break your neck …

While in Sur la Table last week, I literally ran into a display of cleaning items next to the checkout line. After picking up the items I had gracefully knocked to the floor, I spotted a basket full of house slippers as part of the display:

The Slipper Genies have microfiber, mop-like soles that are supposed to clean your hardwood, tile, and smooth surface floors as you walk around your house. The bottoms come off and can be thrown in the washing machine. In theory, I think they’re a lot of fun.

In practicality, I think they could be a little troublesome. I’d be worried that I would fall and break my neck because of a lack of traction on the soles. In a less dire scenario, I’d worry about making the mistake of walking on carpet or an unknown wet spot and leaving a clump of dust. Also, there’s the fear of unknowingly catching something like a rock in the sole and scratching up my floors.

However, life is full of things to fear that are more probable, and so the Slipper Genies may be worth buying and used wonderfully in your home. It’s definitely a product I would love to hear reviews about in our comments section.

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  1. posted by ilafa on

    What a great idea!

  2. posted by Tamara on

    I read about these slippers in my local paper. The person who reviewed them ended up throwing them away after using them once. She wrote that they don’t clean thoroughly, and that it’s easy to miss spots.

  3. posted by CM on

    Why not just clip Swiffer cloths to the bottom of your regular slippers, using binder clips?

  4. posted by Jasi on

    Tacky but still better than a cleaning tip I’d read on the -fly-. Something about a woman sporting new sanitary pads on her feet to clean. Gross.

  5. posted by Timo on

    If I ever want to get myself killed, I will put those under the christmas tree for my wife 🙂

    Weird. I wonder if anybody really walks around with these.

  6. posted by LivSimpl on

    I dunno…I had friends on college who would spot-clean their floors in socks so they didn’t have to bend over and scrub on their hands and knees.

    Then again, aren’t the parts of the floor that usually need the most attention the corners and other non-trafficked areas?

    Overall a fun idea, but I’m not sure how practical they are.

  7. posted by Tameson O'Brien on

    Seems to me that these are perfect for handing to your kids some day they say they’re bored – scoot around and clean the floors and give bonus points to the one who gets the most corners.

  8. posted by ADM on

    Do they make dog-sized ones? We take our shoes off so any dirt on the floor is the dog’s fault!

  9. posted by Hayden Tompkins on

    I wonder how the transition from floor to carpet works.

  10. posted by yucaree on

    i received these from my mother-in-law for hanukkah … good idea, but it needs help in the execution department.

    first of all, mine are too small (i don’t know if they come in bigger sizes) so they are a bit uncomfortable.

    second, my wood floors get dusty really quickly so i have tons of dust bunnies. if i want to actually clean the floor, walking around in the slippers won’t do it; that just spreads the dust elsewhere. i have to drag one of my feet so that i don’t lose the dust bunnies and gather them in a spot to pick up. (yes, my dust bunnies are many and large.)

    i have yet to wash the slipper bottoms but i’m afraid that if they are quite dusty that they’ll just get the other stuff in the wash icky too.

    for now i just make my 7-year-old wear them around the house for fun.

    p.s. we haven’t yet had a problem with the bottoms being too slippery.

  11. posted by j on

    I have something similar to this but they are for when moping your floors. They were slip-on booties with terry cloth bottoms and a little scrub section at the top/toe area. I use them in combination with Swiffer WetJet. When I hit spot that needs to be scrubbed, instead of bending down I use the “slippers.” I think I got them at Linen’s & Things but it’s been a while and haven’t seem them in any store recently.

  12. posted by Sarah on

    My 85-year-old mother used woolly socks the same way for years. Her floors always looked nice (not perfect) and the cleaning/washing was infinitely easier than sweeping/mopping.

  13. posted by Jacqueline Leeper on

    I recently bought a duster very similar to these. It had a flap you could put your hand in to move it around.

    My dogs loved it and proceeded to grab for it every time they saw it. I can see myself dragging about one dog on each foot as I tried to clean the floor.

  14. posted by Rachel on

    If they could make these that would fit on babies knees as they crawl around that would be great! They somehow make it into spots that I can NEVER get with a broom or mop!

  15. posted by ackcoatue on

    i bought these & they don’t fit on my size 9ish feet… they fit people with feet no bigger than 8…

  16. posted by FloorSoClean on

    They’re cute, but I think they’re definitely to be worn when cleaning the floors only, not for walking around…

  17. posted by jesscia on

    I have these and I like them a lot. I’m in my early twenties so I can still have fun with them going around the house. I haven’t had a problem with them not picking up all the dirt but I have a swivel sweeper too. I have however had a problem with them being a little slick. There have been a couple of times where I’ve almost taking out my SO or crawling son when I lose my footing, that could be bed. Just throwing in my experience.

  18. posted by Footums on

    these are disposable soles that prevent your wood floors from scratches, your feet from getting dirty, and they clean your floors as you wear them!

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