Amazing or awful?

The Unclutterer staff is speechless, so it’s up to you to decide. Is this craft storage unit amazing or awful? Cast your vote and make your argument in the comments:



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  1. posted by Patti on

    It’s awesome!

  2. posted by Martin on

    Impressive, yet scary. A little more thumbs down than thumbs up.

    You’re right, it’s hard to make a decision.

  3. posted by Monica on


  4. posted by Clayton on

    the exterior is certainly not aesthetically what i would like, and that’s pretty important to a lot of people. i’d certainly want something more modern before i shelled out $1500 for craft storage. I’d also like more custom options in the drawers and bins. Otherwise, it’s a solid foundation.

  5. posted by Gik on

    If that many individual boxes plus a cabinet add up anywhere near that price, then it’s worth it, because you’re never going to fit those individual purchases as well as this designed version.

    Re: styles — there are some other outside offering at the site, e.g., wood grain, black, etc.

  6. posted by Lori on

    I’m with Clayton in that I would prefer a more streamlined look and would need to be able to customize the interior to meet my needs, but overall that’s a nice storage solution for all the bits & pieces I need for my craft. That built-in desk is *way* too tiny, though, and would never be used.

  7. posted by Tim on

    I’m impressed. If you need all that stuff then that is a great way to store it.

  8. posted by Brian on

    Hideous, but amazing. It looks like everything has a place and is labeled, but I’d also use it to scare children into behaving.

    There’s a drawer in here for you too…

  9. posted by ChzpPlz on

    Having so much craft crap that you need one of these is awful. If, however, you do have that much craft crap, this is a pretty amazing way to organize it out of sight.

    So… both.

  10. posted by sarah on

    I think its amazing. Yes, the outside is a little country/martha but these people with their crafts need places to put stuff. And this unit looks like it would be really useful for them. Even apartment dwellers could do their thing more easily if they were able to close it all up.

  11. posted by Kathryn on

    You guys are making me want to take my country-loving marbles and go home. I can’t wait for stainless steel to become the the new avocado and harvest gold.

    That said, it presents the same problem as the computer-armoire concept and any other fold-up activity area: you’re still stuck with an ungainly office chair that has no place to live when everything’s all closed up.

  12. posted by Barbara on

    The minibox (same site) makes a little more sense. The big one seems like overkill to me. But then I don’t have enough stuff to fill it. If I did it might seem heaven sent. I guess I’d rather use an armoire that can be used for other purposes eventually.

  13. posted by Rachel on

    It’s freaky! I don’t think it looks nice at all either folded or unfolded. I think “uncluttered” spaces should also look nice other wise what’s the point. Interesting creation though!

  14. posted by half baked on

    Yeah, the “country charm” look on the outside is lame. I think it depends on who uses it. If you have things that would fill it and you regularly put things away, great. Otherwise it could be a big mess.

  15. posted by Sandy on

    I am pretty impressed with it, but I am not sure that it would useful for a really creative scrapbooker. Most of us like to have stuff spread out all over the place, so we can see what we have. And, you would still need a fairly large space to have it unfolded. So, while the idea is cool, I would have to go thumbs down overall.

  16. posted by Laura on

    I would not want to participate in a craft where I needed that many pockets for my stuff. You would also have to dedicate a large space in your house for it just so you could open it up.

  17. posted by Caecilia on

    Overall, I think it’s an awesome idea, but the term “craft” is really misused here – this wouldn’t work well for a sewer or knitter, but for paper crafts (scrapbooking, maybe book binding) it looks pretty good. If you don’t have space for a dedicated craft room, I think this could work, but I agree that the desk is too small. The labeling is sort of scary/obsessive, but probably would be really practical if you had lots of different papers and doodads to keep track of, and I would bet most scrapbookers prefer more traditional furniture (just based on looking through scrapbooking magazines and their aesthetic).

  18. posted by Brian on

    Those of you criticizing the “country” look of the outside might do well to look at the website first. The cabinet (which I think is useful but very overpriced) is available in a raised-panel black that’s far less “country” looking.

    That said, I’m still overall thumbs-down on it. In spite of being a useful, comprehensive storage cabinet, it’s too damned expensive for my tastes.

  19. posted by Jill - GlossyVeneer on

    I’m feeling overwhelmed just looking at it, but if somebody has all those supplies maybe it would work for them.

    I’m not a country-decor fan, but I don’t think the outside appearance is bad at all.

  20. posted by Jaclyn on

    If you have any hobby (or kids’ toys and hobbies) that requires STUFF, this looks great. Some of us go more for the “everything has its place” idea than the minimalist one. If you actually use it and enjoy it, just make sure you have a place for it.

  21. posted by Joyful Abode on

    As someone who crafts as a part-time job, possibly going full-time eventually, this looks amazing. I have a small area for my craft materials and do the best I can to keep it uncluttered, but this amount of storage and organization would really help!

    As an anti-clutter person with a crafting business, I make sure to only keep on hand those items which I have a plan for… but it’s still a lot of stuff. Fabric, interfacing, batting, thread, ribbons, packaging materials, paper, envelopes, ink cartridges, etc.

  22. posted by alphasqix on

    I echo the call to make it customizable. If I could get rid of some of those drawers in favor of space for a sewing machine and cutting table (I bet it could work somehow) it’d be awesome.

    I’d also rather have shelves than all those drawers (I guess they’d need to have some kind of fronts to keep everything from falling off when you shut it), but that’s probably just me.

    And I think the black is pretty nice looking.

  23. posted by Sharon on

    That thing is HUGE. Mark out a spot 3×3 on your floor and see how much space that takes up when it is closed!

  24. posted by Marsha on

    I’m not really sure what there is NOT to like about this storage solution (other than the style or color of the panels, perhaps).

    If you engage in a craft, chances are good you have lots of stuff for it. I’m not talking about yarn or fabric stashes that are out of control–just an average amount of stuff that’s needed to do your craft. If you sew, for example, it makes no sense at all to buy a new sewing machine each time to want to do a project–and then discard the machine when you’re done. (Likewise for knitting needles.)

    “Clutter” is stuff that has no meaningful purpose in your life or doesn’t have a proper place in your house or workspace, and although craft stuff can indeed become clutter, for many crafters it’s simply a necessary part of crafting. With that in mind, this storage solution is amazing: it keeps supplies organized and available so they can actually be used (and not turn into clutter!), and it hides them out of sight for when they aren’t in use.

    The price tag, on the other hand…now THAT is awful! Whew!

  25. posted by Carmen on

    It looks wonderful for a craft like bead-working which you have a lot of tiny pieces that you need to keep separated. I would give it a thumbs up.

  26. posted by Jen on

    Awesome! Make it in Black and it’s going in my TV room! It looks overwhelming, but my hall closet looks very similar except that I had to make it all up. It’s nice having a home for everything…

  27. posted by vanou on

    Awful, for a crafty thing, they could of made it prettier!

  28. posted by mamaloo on

    I love this. I’d even take the lame-ish exterior just for the interior. If you could see my kitchen with it’s dozens of labelled cardboard boxes that house my sewing, beading, paper crafting, kid crafting, wrapping, computer stuff, you’d be excited looking at this too!

  29. posted by Melissa on

    I’m a jewelry-maker and this. rocks. mah. WORLD. I’m starting to save NOW.

  30. posted by john chandler on

    I love the idea of everything having it’s place and being able to be hidden away.

    But…considering the table seems to fold out just in front, I can’t imagine feeling creative sitting in front of a skyscraper of plastic bins.

  31. posted by Raven on

    Awesome…. I’ve been itching to get this item for years.

    I want the one in the ‘knotty pine’ finish to match my computer armoire since the two would be in the same room. It would be amazing to have a proper place to store all my painting (oils and water) supplies, cross-stitching accoutrements, scrap booking bits & pieces, knitting tools, etc. Even if I never use the table, the cubbies are worth the price.

    I’d probably end up reproducing this system in my workshop with sturdier materials to store my tools, miscellaneous hardware, plumbing and electricity supplies, etc.

  32. posted by Photojenic on

    If I had room I would LOVE it. But not for scrapping stuff because I digiscrap. But I do homeschool and have two incredibly crafty kids, and lots of craft supplies floating around the house. Something like this would be great for our school supplies and crafty goodness!

  33. posted by Miriam on

    Table small, outside iffy, looks overwhelming but …

    I have to say that it would be useful. Crafting generates so many extras, odds and ends, and leftovers. Projects have lots of components. There’s no getting around that. And throwing stuff away would be incredibly wasteful, like different sizes of needles, zippers, whatever. It’s huge, but at least you would have different kinds of storage for lots of things and it closes up.

    And I guess if you exceeded this you would know it was time to get rid of some stuff or use it!

  34. posted by DJ on

    Unattractive, sure, but impressive when it’s open and the black hole infinite storage is revealed.

  35. posted by Tina on

    I think I’d like it better if there were less bins. In fact if the entire middle area were converted to an “idea board”..a memo/inspiration board area where one could post inspirational items/notes and “personalize” the space a bit more. All the bins just don’t look all that attractive to me.
    It looks too industrial… but otherwise a cool idea.

  36. posted by Melissa A. on

    I wouldn’t call it amazing, but it could be useful if you really do a lot of crafting. However, I can imagine some people getting a little too excited and buying this. You know, the type who buys crafts supplies but doesn’t actually use it. “Oh, I’ll buy this and get everything organized, then I’ll finally start crafting”. Yeah right.

  37. posted by Christine on

    Generally thumbs up. The knotty alder doors look best.

    I think it could be improved by the above commenter’s idea of an idea board and add a way to lock it all up. I can imagine a small child getting in those tiny drawers and choking. :/

  38. posted by Jon H on

    Surely the exterior would not be an issue for a crafter. If it is unappealing, then it becomes a vast canvas for crafting, no?

  39. posted by Jon H on

    The small minibox product looks good, too, but it’s so low. It makes my back hurt just looking at it.

    If they had a minibox that could be wall-mounted above a desk, that might be the best configuration.

  40. posted by Shannon on


  41. posted by Danica on

    I believe this to be awful for the intended purpose of scrapbooking.
    Why would anyone spend $1300 to organize a bunch of over-priced stickers and paper (to decorate a bunch of bad photos and 50 cent postcards)?
    I believe that the hobby itself generates more clutter than the final product (if the final product is ever finished)
    If you are compelled to scrapbook- spend your time at the local scrapbook store. Buy only what you need for your page or two at a time, and *ahem* scrap the rest.

  42. posted by Candace on


  43. posted by Allison on

    It seems guaranteed to never be that tidy in real life. It also subscribes to the notion that clutter is due to lack of storage space/organization. “If you just buy this product, your clutter problems will be solved!” yeah, right. This piece of furniture would just be an invitation for most people to keep more stuff than they actually need.

  44. posted by Envious on

    First, I don’t scrapbook – no crafty hobbies/talents/skills – just a major jones for organization. But if I did (and had $1,300) I would LOVE this.

  45. posted by kassy on

    I like the concept, but that thing is too huge and is scaring me. In my tiny house it would swallow up a whole room once its opened.

  46. posted by BigNerd on

    Crapbooking anyone? Although I realize this is a billion dollar industry, it is a hobby which emphasizes and lures people into thinking that the more they have, the better they are at their “craft”. It plays on the “awe, that’s sooo cute!” factor and promotes oneupmanship among the ranks. This is anti-uncluttering at its best. Why else would play upon the hoarding of a thousand trinkets and offer a pleasing and well thought out warehouse targeting the ‘I’ve got it all’ crowd.
    I’m surprised to read the comments of praise on this subject. It appears many here have lost their unclutterer focus.

  47. posted by Angela Esnouf on

    Each to their own. If crafting makes your heart sing, then this may well be the answer to storing bits and bobs effectively. Surely it’s for no-one else to judge how an individual spends their leisure time???

  48. posted by Jeanne B. on

    OMG. I. Want. THAT. Or something similar. But not for scrapbooking (I don’t do it)–for all my other artsy activities. I paint, sew, knit, spin, weave, dye, do graphic design AND compose music. The paraphernalia associated with these activities are small and in desperate need of structured organization. Yes, this thing looks like Drawers Gone Wild, but think about it. There is a place for literally everything, and it’s all in ONE carefully-organized spot. To me, that clearly states “clutter-free”. It sure beats the accumulation of plastic bins and rolling 7-drawer carts I currently have.

  49. posted by colby on

    I think that if you made an extremely prolific living making crafts, this cabinet would make sense. Aesthetically horrifying sense, but some sense nonetheless. But for anyone else, it is way too much.

    I can’t imagine the discipline involved in clearing off that little table and closing those doors after every crafting session. If it were in my house, that table would be full of junk, and the thing would be permanently open.

  50. posted by The Chatty Housewife on

    Amazing if you have a craft business. Pathetic if this is just for your home crafting addiction. I know that’s harsh, but I am more the type to go out and buy what I need in the amount that it is needed. If I had that much craft supplies to store, than I wouldn’t even know what I had and what to use- it would be too overwhelming.

  51. posted by Barbara on

    Awful. You would need to keep a lot of space around it totally clear in order to “unfurl” it, so where is the space saving? And I’m with Colby, I think the tendency would be to keep it open a lot of the time, and then why not use shelves and a decent table, not that rickety, smallish one?

  52. posted by Allie Orange on

    I am a needleworker that does need some method to store stash such as fabric, skeins of floss, spools of thread, scroll rods and q-snaps (think square embroidery hoops) and the like. In my searches for a solution, I came across this product. At first, I thought, this is it, “Nirvana”! But the more I evaluated it, the less attractive it seemed as a solution, both inside and out.

    If you are looking for an armoire-type solution, take a look at this one on BH&G’s site:

    If you think drawers and shelves with organizers would do better, search under “craft” on the Container Store’s site, for some good pictures of craft rooms and closets.

    And for needleworkers, take a look at Mayte’s MagicXStitch site, Her organization of those sorts of supplies is amazing!

  53. posted by pea on

    Definitely thumbs down for me. While the concept is admirable, as someone already said, the work space is ridiculously small. And I really don’t like the look of it, opened or closed.

  54. posted by Purl on

    Wow! I’ve recommended this to my scrapbooking friends. It would also make a nice home office.

  55. posted by james on

    Amazingly awful!

  56. posted by Tamlyn on

    Even though it does look good, this cabinet would drive me bonkers. Too many drawers. It also is ugly. I have made a pretty neat crafts area (if I may say so myself) with clear plastic tubs (labeled with their contents) stacked in a wooden rack. It didn’t cost me that staggering amount of money, and does do its job quite well 🙂

  57. posted by Josephine on

    I’m a knitter and am constantly rearranging / reorganizing my yarn. I wish I could find something esthetically pleasing to store my yarn other than plastic bins / bags.

  58. posted by Megan @ Disorder2Order on

    I do like this! As a crafter/scrapbooker I would have to say this is pretty cool! However, personally, I am way more visual and have to be able to see things out in the open. I would have to see it up close to really decide..

    I will go will amazing.

  59. posted by Joann on

    I fake something similar with a folding bookcase and cigar boxes LOL. I bead, and so I have lots of small “tic-tac” type boxes in the cigar boxes, sorted by size of bead. I like this idea, but I’m not sure the fabric “drawers” would hold beads well. Beads are basically rocks. Very heavy. A fabric drawer would probably bend as I was taking it out.

    Other than that, I like it!

  60. posted by Lolo on

    Amazing, especially if your hobbies are kind of diverse. I crochet, sew, enjoy photography, draw, etc. My current apartment’s shelving system is great, so I don’t need this now, but when I move, this might be great.

  61. posted by Ashley on

    It is quite clever, but anyone who has that many craft supplies should probably be making a living at crafting.

  62. posted by Donna on

    Wow, I feel like I should kneel down and pray to the scrapbooking god. Geez, this is a bit much. Mind you, I have tons of stuff and could probably fill up the large cabinet easily but still it makes me feel overwhelmed. I would have a hard time always looking through the pockets. I have a cabinet I got at JoAnn Fabrics that is a deluxe rolling table and I love it but this is a bit much even for me who loves scrapbooking and wish I could get paid to do it. I have to agree that the the design is very Martha Steward and it would really need a room of its own to live. The otehr thing is I would really prefer more work space and less storage space. Lastly, if I could afford this cabinet, and I can’t because I’m a teacher, but if I could I would want a much more comfortable chair than the one they show and it should be included in that price. That is pretty pricey for a glorified closet. But I have to give them credit for coming up with the thing.

  63. posted by Jen on

    It’s impressive, I’ll give it that. But I don’t know… I mean, it’s not very attractive – Out can be changed, yeah, but inside? – and as superficial as that might sound, I don’t relish the idea of trying to be creative while sitting in front of a giant wall of ugly. I think for that much money I’d probably take this as an inspiration and go with built-ins or some other option. On the upside, I do like the idea of so much storage for crafting supplies, but I think it can be done better than this.

  64. posted by Lilia on

    Well, if you’ve got that much stuff, it’s kind of sad. But I suppose something like this or similar would be necessary. It doesn’t seem conducive to getting creative though. It’s too sterile for my taste.

  65. posted by sharon on

    Awful. I cant pin point the reason why, but truly Awful. Visually there is a lot going on, I would only be able to manage quick peeks behind the doors before becoming overwhelmed.

  66. posted by Ethel on

    It depends on if the person is using everything on a regular basis. Say, a person with a home business of the crafty sort. But if it’s just a storage system for clutter – it has the potential to be awful, that’s for sure.

    As for creativity / ugliness on the inside, I think it would be closed 99% of the time and the person using this would only open it long enough to grab the supplies they are using right then, and then to return those supplies later.

    I would paint the door panels to make it more attractive. Too much white as is.

  67. posted by green your apartment on

    Brilliant – mostly because crafts can require many details and this really accommodates all the trinkets while keeping it organized and contained.

  68. posted by Mags on

    “And I guess if you exceeded this you would know it was time to get rid of some stuff or use it!”

    Which is the key thing, I suspect. If you had something like this, you might well keep on buying stuff for which you have no definite plans, until it does become full. Which, whilst the materials would be tucked away out of sight, is still a costly way of practising a hobby. I like it in principle but I agree with others that it is somewhat ugly and doesn’t make you stop to think about if you really need that packet of shiny things before you buy it.

    All I have for my sewing kit is an old blanket box that I picked up for 20 quid (40 dollars) about ten years ago. All my sewing materials are in there, and the machine sits on top. I never buy fabric without a purpose in mind and I always make sure the box can close. Having a wardrobe filled with plastic boxes wouldn’t make me get around to recovering my home office chair any more quickly than the current system does.

  69. posted by caro on

    As with many things, the worth can better be determined by its use. I, who does not craft, would have no use for it, but avid crafters would and it’s much better than having supplies hanging around everywhere. Of course, it has very little flexibility.

  70. posted by Kris on

    If crafts are what a person is into, then awesome.

    Personally, it gives me hives.

  71. posted by Rebecca on

    Ohhh I’m dizzy! I would have to say it is both as well. You really should only have this much crafty stuff if your livelihood depends on it! And if crafting is your job then this would be awesome!

  72. posted by Nicolette on

    Aside from the outward appearance (which is subjective anyhow), it is a fairly genius piece of furniture. As a professional crafter, my materials are not “clutter”, however I would love to be able to hide everything at a moment’s notice.

  73. posted by Nancy on

    So that’s how I’m supposed to store all my stuff. Love it! I agree I’d like the doors to be a little more modern though.

  74. posted by Jason on

    For me it’s too crazy, but I could see if you spend 3-4 times a week working on crafts and know where you store each and every item this would work wonders.

    As another poster said I would have to add up the cost of creating one myself.

  75. posted by Jasi on

    It’s not for me. Too expensive, busy and complicated.

    But if I were crafting for a living or a had serious hobby that others counted on, this would be my heaven.

    So Thumbs Up for design.
    Thumbs Down for over-specialization.

  76. posted by EastofWeston on

    This made me wish Phil Hartman were still around to do an “Anal Retentive Scrapbooker” skit on Saturday Night Live.

    Scrapbooking does scare me a wee bit.

  77. posted by SD on

    I have to go with awesome. I love how unassuming it is when folded shut. Very neat and simple design. Then you open it up and it’s like BAM! Hre’s all your stuff in neat little drawers. I love it!

  78. posted by Talii on

    Wow!!!! That would be completely awesome if art (esp jewelry) was your job! However, if it was simply a hobby, overkill. WAY overkill.

    The desk is really nice, though. No having tons of space taken up by thousands of beads… *shudder*

  79. posted by Rachel on

    As someone who works full time as an artist I love it. storage for small items is a HUGE problem for jewelers, so I would kill for something like that… just not that, well, ugly.

  80. posted by Anne on

    The thought of putting that much craft stuff in my house and so organized makes me begin to hypervenalate…but if they were shoe box size and I could store my shoes in it…hmmm
    but that price…eeek

  81. posted by Jade on


  82. posted by Valerie on

    I am not a “crafty” person, but I have seen some unbelievable pics of what these people can do to a house with all of their stuff – some of them almost drive their other family members out. I say anything that helps the other home inhabitants to live in less clutter, dust, and disarray gets my vote! 😉

  83. posted by Belém on

    Great storage idea but a little tedious for my personal taste 😉

  84. posted by Mary on

    83 comments? It never ceases to amaze me how much discussion scrapbooking can generate!

    As for me, I prefer Danica’s great suggestions! If money and space were no option, I’d love to own this piece of furniture. The table is too small for the way I work, but the grandchildren would love it!

  85. posted by Melissa on

    I agree: the mini-box is better, but at $795! Thumbs way down for both!

  86. posted by selenium on

    If you look at that and say “What the (*#$&?” you do not craft and do not need this item.

    If you look at that and say “Where have you been all my life?” then you are a crafter and know exactly how much you need/want this item or something similar, ugly doors or not.

  87. posted by Melissa on

    For all of you that love it…follow the link to the website. You can get the raised panel or a beadbord panel in black and it looks a lot more modern.

    Unfortunately, I think I would have enough craft supplies to fill two if I actually separated items correctly in the tubs. I would not use the small table but it would be great storage so that my large crafting table could be clear of all but that day’s project.

  88. posted by Stephanie on

    I don’t scrapbook but I do paint and make jewelry. I like the idea but I will wait until I get an Ikea price before I would splurge. I also see it as a cabinet that could hold all my office supply stuff too since I admittedly don’t have that many crafting supplies to make it worth the space. They also had a smaller version on the website that is pretty darn cool. Right now my craft stuff fits in a Craftsman rolling project bench which suits my needs just fine for the time being!

  89. posted by twosandalz on

    Amazing. I wish I’d thought of it.

  90. posted by Mags on

    “If you look at that and say “Where have you been all my life?” then you are a crafter.”

    Hmmm, let me reiterate. I sew. I handmade nearly all the gifts I gave this Christmas and regularly undertake jobs like re-covering chairs, decorating my house and baking. I consider both sewing and baking to be crafts which I practice. I could, in the language of crafters, be a crafter. But I don’t scrapbook and I think this is merely creating a space to hide an obsession and not addressing the underlying habit which causes the accumulation of unused bits of stuff. So, by that rationale, I’m not a crafter? Rubbish.

    You don’t need all the crap available at any moment. You need what you need for the project (e.g. ingredients for baking, materials for sewing) plus a few expensive tools (a mixer for baking, a sewing machine for sewing). If you’re undertaking a big project, you should be planning it, drawing up a shopping list and getting all the things you know you will want. I could buy all kinds of random bits and bobs for baking, and every time I visit the kitchen store I spend a happy few minutes browsing the oddments. But I don’t buy them “because I might need them one day”. If you really do have so much “craft” clutter that this wardrobe looks like a good idea, you should look at why you have so much craft clutter to start with!

  91. posted by Anya on

    Here’s the thing: I am artsy-craftsy and in the process of building a jewelry/crafts business from home. I also like to try different projects for my home. As a result, some projects always have some leftover. I am kind of surprised by the more- have to say it- self-righteous of the bunch here maintaining that they “only purchase materials for the one project and only the one project”. I don’t know what universe these people are living in, but they must realise that those “one project and only one project” requirements (i.e. sequins, buttons, baubles, fabric, etc) sometimes come in units far greater than the use for that “one project and only one project” after a few of those “one projects”, it is not uncommon to have extra sequins, buttons, elastics, paint, etc. And what are we supposed to do with all of that, toss it and let it sit on a landfill? I think this is a responsible solution for that quandry for an avid crafter, but definitely it’s a Bohemeth. Personally, I was overjoyed recently to find a $40 solution at the Container Store, it’s a mammoth odds and ends plastic wall mountable container with 44 small and large clear plastic bins for jewelry findings, elastics, buttons, small mosaics, tools, etc, so for a jewelery-making type such as myself, it was a godsend. To each their own, I guess. Isn’t that one of the first things a professional organizer will tell you? To make it organized so that it makes sense for YOU? I think it’s silly to tut-tut this if it does make sense for someone, I definitely know a few people who would be overjoyed if they had something like this in their life. Have a great, beautiful day, everyone~

  92. posted by Groovymarlin on

    I think it’s awesome! But for $1295? Uh, no. I’d just create my own using a wardrobe cabinet and bins from Ikea or Target. Just sitting her thinking about it for five minutes I can think of many possible configurations, along with exactly what I’d need to get to make any of them. And it would cost no more than $500, tops.

  93. posted by Deborah on

    Ridiculous! Any truly creative spirit would go nuts with this kind of organization. I would feel cramped, and literally “in a box,” if my stuff were this organized. A creative person must have some clutter and disorganization, I think, in order to create. This would drive me insane in a very short time.

  94. posted by selenium on

    A few points:
    1. just because the box was designed for scrapbooking doesn’t mean it can’t/won’t be used for other things and i never in a million years would think that craft = scrapbooking. craft is a huge range. i bead and stamp and paint, but don’t scrapbook, for example.

    2. “any truly creative spirit would go nuts”? really, there is only one kind of creativity? are you sure? personally, i need to see all my stuff to have it it inspire me and the clear boxes mean i can see it without having it lay out getting dusty and dirty or lost.

    3. very expensive, yes. but so are all crappy furniture and storage boxes these days.

  95. posted by selenium on

    oh, and i don’t think this is just a discussion about “scrapbooking” as one person wrote. it is a bigger issue of space, how you organize, how much craft stuff you keep on hand and how you need to interact with it to be creative. all very contentious topics. 🙂

  96. posted by Org Junkie on

    Oh I LOVE it! I posted about it on my site a couple of weeks ago, beautiful 🙂

  97. posted by Audrey on

    I would say amazing.

    As a seamstress I cannot tell you how many tiny tools to turn loops, set grommets, scissors, buttons, fabric…etc that I have. And storing them can be a big ugly hassle. I think this would be right up my alley (the cost, not so much).

  98. posted by Alex on

    Awful: induces too much clutter-hoarding behaviors.

  99. posted by homey on

    This would be amazingly awesome for my many crafts and our homeschooling stuff, but I just simply would be unable to be that organized and maintain it. Things would go crazy in no time!

  100. posted by skitter on

    Couldn’t resist the opportunity to be the 100th post. I think that this would be great for the type of art/craft activities that require the spontaneous use of varied bits and pieces. It would be especially good in a multi-purpose room. It would be good if one needed to keep materials clean and out of the reach of children or pets.

    I would really hesitate to use it for scrapbooking, where the materials really need to be crisp, fresh and related to the current project. For scrapbooking, I think a section with shallow open shelving for various papers would be better. Paper gets damaged easily when it is taken out of a drawer while a selection is being made.

    I agree with other poster that it could become a craft materials graveyard, and would need to be decluttered often. When I first saw the illustration above, without anything beside it to indicate size, I thought it was one of those little carpentry nail type organizers. It still looks a lot like that to me. I think I’d feel like a Barbie doll standing in front of it.

  101. posted by Anya on

    Deborah, are you kidding me? Seriously. I have to agree with selenium. Does that mean if we aren’t also cutting our ears off a la Van Gogh, we aren’t “truly” creative spirits? You make it sound like being an artist is a competitive sport to see who can out-art the next person. You might want to revamp your opinion of artists, it sounds a bit dated. The tragic, chronically disorganized, adult-child popular stereotype of creatives is not exactly a positive expression of who we are. And personally, if I had to leave all of my paints, findings, little bitty tiny things that get stuck in the cracks of my floor all over the place — THAT is what would truly drive me crazy and actually make me want to ***not*** do *anything* creative. Being free creatively does NOT mean that you have to literally throw everything all over the place (although of course it’s your right), rather it means you are free in your thoughts and have the resources at your disposal to join the two aspects together to manifest what you see in your mind’s eye. You have made a very disappointing and judgemental comment about artists, and you do not speak for all of us. It does no good to publish statements like yours for a culture in general that already portrays us as insane to begin with!

  102. posted by MrsPhillips987 on

    AMAZING! I want one!

  103. posted by A. on

    While I’m on the fence to a certain degree, I think a thumbs down. To me, the question is this: Is organized clutter better than no clutter at all? If so, this cabinet is the way to go. If not, then time spent paring down might be a better investment.

  104. posted by Andreas - in Denmark on

    If I was a rich crafts-dude I’d so get one, nevermind the fugly… but then again, if I was a rich crafts-dude I wouldn’t live in such a small space that I needed one…

    hmm. conundrum indeed. I vote no though, price way too high, regardless.

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