A multitasking option for self defense

Mp3 TaserAt the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many innovations have been unveiled. These innovations range from gigantic flat screen HDTVs to faster micro processors, but nothing says innovation like a MP3 player/taser combo. According to the Los Angeles Times gadget blog Bit Player:

“Today at CES, Taser International introduced the Taser MPH — the first combination hand-held music player and Taser.

The player, which has a 1-GB capacity that can hold about 150 songs, is embedded in a holster that slips on your belt. Feel the need to zap someone and you can unholster the Taser, use the built-in laser pointer to aim, and blam — a couple of darts carrying 50,000 volts hits your victim.”

Finally, now I can walk around my neighborhood with a little less clutter in my pockets and still feel safe while listening to some AC/DC, of course.

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  1. posted by pauldwaite on

    Can’t wait until I get tasered by some idiot kid.

  2. posted by Joshua on

    I’m sure this is a versatile solution for some, but for me I just know I’d end up hurting myself 😀

  3. posted by patty on

    Are these even legal in all the states?

    Pauldwaite is absolutely correct–wait till we get tasered by a kid. Neat.
    (I see a nice fat lawsuit)


  4. posted by Tim on

    Just add an MP3 player to anything and you make it better! Next they will be giving us Transformers that turn into buildings.

  5. posted by Timo on

    Is it April 1st already?

  6. posted by Angela Esnouf on

    I think this is so sad. Sorry, I just don’t understand. A siege mentality does not create a harmonious lifestyle. Any weapon you can use, can also be used against you. I think the manufacturers have created a problem, rather than a solution.

  7. posted by John of Indiana on

    300 people have been killed by these things since they were introduced as a “non-lethal” method of control.
    I’d rather be bashed about the gourd with a baton, but that’d mean Officer Friendly might get sweaty and incur extra dry-cleaning expenses.
    What’s next, a MP3 player incorporated into a S&W Mod. 66 handgun?

  8. posted by ciara on

    this cracks me up…and there will be SOMEONE who thinks he’s turning on his mp3 only to taser himself lol

  9. posted by Name on

    CES was a flop.


    By the way, these multitaskers are even better for attack than for self defense.

  10. posted by james vincent on

    i’d like to laugh at this but there have been way too many taser-related deaths here in canada lately.

  11. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    Just because one CAN invent something doesn’t mean one NEEDS to invent it.

  12. posted by Amanda Himelein on

    I suppose it is technically a multi-tasker, but my first thought upon reading this was, “Is it Wednesday?”

    I think I’d rather have the egg-peeler.

  13. posted by cyberpunk on

    Hmm while I can use this to protect myself from muggers, muggers can also use it to attack me. It seems a weird combo anyway. Btw, a lot of idiots hurt themselves with “common-sense” tools, so I don’t see a bright future for this thing.

  14. posted by Gina on

    That is possibly the most idiotic combination of products I’ve ever seen! I’m thinking that if you live and/or walk in an area that’s dangerous enough to require a taser, you shouldn’t be plugging your ears with an MP3 player. I thought the movie player feature on my digital picture frame was dumb. This takes the prize.

  15. posted by Skunk on

    I’ll try not to stick the wrong end in my ear.

    But seriously guys. “while I can use this to protect myself from muggers, muggers can also use it to attack me”

    Um, isn’t someone who is mugging you attacking you already?

  16. posted by AnnMarie on

    This is the most ridiculous new invention Ive heard of yet!!! I agree with self defense. I also agree with jogging to music! I cant imagine how the two can be combine without harm to onesself or innocent by standers! Now if they can make an MP3 player that can spit out commission checks we’d be all set!

  17. posted by Tony Nuncio on

    Technology is really something, isn’t it? It’s amazing that only 30 years ago, mobile phones were not commonplace and we were still listening to cassette tapes. This gadget is CRAZY!! I would probably try to listen to my favorite song and end up tasering myself instead. AMAZING!!

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