Unitasker Wednesday: Spinmallow

SpinmallowYou’re heading out on a camping trip and you have to pack one thing … so what will it be? After taking a look at the Spinmallow, it may be on the top of your list.

Why roast a marshmallow like a caveman using a stick when you can sit back and relax while the Spinmallow does all the work. No more waking up in the morning with a sore wrist from rotating marshmallows all night. The revolutionary Spinmallow rotates the marshmallow for you with the help of two AA batteries.

According to the makers of the Spinmallow, it is “the most exciting way to toast marshmallows over a campfire or barbeque.” I have no doubt that it is as exciting as it sounds, but what are the advantages of a self propelled marshmallow spinner? Again, according to the makers:

  • No more searching for sticks
  • Toasts marshmallows evenly
  • Kids love it! Perfect for Scouts, family gatherings, parties and backyard barbeques.
  • Great for hot dogs too!
  • Detachable 29″ skewer is easy to clean.

So while those suckers are searching tirelessly for sticks, you can kick back and enjoy an evenly toasted marshmallow that kids love. You can also use it for hot dogs? Maybe this isn’t a unitasker after all!

Thanks to Guinnevere for pointing out this great unitasker.

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Mer on

    I’ve seen these and while I think they’re ridiculous, I did buy some really cool telescoping marshmallow forks from Restoration Hardware one Christmas as a gift to my in-laws. They collapsed into a nice wood handle which had a turning knob on the end you moved with your thumb.
    We do smores at a bonfire at their place on the lake and they loved those things. They wanted more for all their grandkids, and when I tried to order them this year, they were discontinued! The RH ones were rather elegant but these battery operated ones are just tacky!

  2. posted by Misstea on

    Normally, I get a kick out of unitasker Wednesday, and think that indeed, the products are ridiculous.

    However, this time, I have to respectfully disagree. One of the parks I frequent does not permit breaking branches off trees. At all (the penalty is a very hefty fine). So, it is difficult, if next to impossible, to find deadfall that is still green enough to use as a roasting stick. Especially in the dark.

    So, I have an extendable roasting stick. I use it for smokies. Marshmallows are gross.

  3. posted by Annie on

    I know someone who has these. While they are ridiculous, they do actually work. 🙂

  4. posted by Michael on

    I’m surprised that this doesn’t come with a nice faux wood stand so you don’t have to strain yourself at all when cooking a marshmallow for 15 seconds.

    I didn’t even know people still used wood since metal was discovered!

  5. posted by verily on

    Misstea, the best workaround for that is to use wire coat hangers. Untwist, cut in half, and give them a good wash before using.

  6. posted by rnkoneil on

    Or Misstea, just bring a stick or two from home. Or use a ka-bob skewer. Or … you get the idea.

  7. posted by Cyrano on

    I can’t believe it. It’s a battery operated stick.

    A BATTERY OPERATED STICK. We will buy anything. Seriously.

  8. posted by Ben on

    Wow. I almost missed the disclaimer stating these are meant to be humorous. I was about to jump out of my chair. This is the LAST thing I need cluttering up my garage. I’m glad I found the disclaimer and even more glad I found this website. Thanks!

  9. posted by Mike on

    What is even worse than this item, which is at least collapsible and therefore packable, is the idea of packing a metal branch with you when you go camping.


  10. posted by Tina on

    Mmm, S’mores. Damn you unclutterer! Now I have to go make some in the microwave – which are just not the same.

    And if you just let the marshmallow catch on fire it comes out even all around – no need for battery operated rotation.

    Does anyone else think it’s a bad idea to stick a battery operated item into a fire?

  11. posted by Angela Esnouf on

    I love Unitasker Wednesday. It always makes me smile, and sometimes cringe.

  12. posted by Kris on

    @ Cyrano …. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH … we’re buying a stick. SO TRUE. You’re absolutely right .. we’ll buy ANYTHING.

  13. posted by Kymm on

    Okay, so I have a couple of ancient telescoping weenie forks that, believe or not, work for marshmallows too, and they look an awful lot like the Spinmallows, but they don’t spin. I don’t know if they extend to 29″ either. I believe I may have gotten the short end of the stick.

  14. posted by Genevieve on

    Commenting regarding a previous Unitasker Wednesday — I got a panini maker as a gift, and while it makes fabulous paninis, it also works as a meat/fish/vegetable grill (and is apparently intended as such, as the instructions give times for cooking those). So despite the name, it’s not a Unitasker. Which is good, since though I adore panini, and making them at home saves calories (I use far less oil/butter than any restaurant, and I’m happy to eat sandwiches without mayo or other added fats when they’re hot with melted cheese), I’d hate to sacrifice the space for a unitasker.

  15. posted by Luis Fernando on

    Sorry Matt. I do not believe you. There are no such things as revolving telescopic marshmallow sticks. Quit making things up.

  16. posted by gumnos on

    What? You have to find a fire to toast them over? I expect a butane tank affixed to my automated ‘mallow roasters so I can just put the marshmallow on the stick and press a button until it’s done to perfection. Bah. Wil/Sonoma, where’s your catalog when I need you? 🙂


  17. posted by LauraRN on

    We’ve used coathangers, body bent out and hooks straightened. You can use them for years. They hang on a hook in the shed with the camping gear. And hey– you can ALSO use them for hot dogs, or even toast. Talk about multi-tasking! (giggle)

  18. posted by Shelley on

    I thought that searching for your stick, scraping off the bark and burning the marshmellows was the fun part and the whole point…and Im not being snarky at all!:)

  19. posted by popoff on

    Wow, if only it has a usb port for power supply, rotating function management software support as well, I would take three: one for me and the other for me.

  20. posted by John of Indiana on

    Just the perfect thing if your kids already have those lollipops with the motor that spins them against your tongue to save you the exertion of LICKING the damn thing….
    Somebody’ll buy it.

  21. posted by Gumnos on

    What the…?! On that page on Amazon, they’re suggesting that I buy it bundled with _Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End_. That’s some seriously strange association. I could see if it were something like _Ghostbusters_. But Pirates?!

  22. posted by spark on

    Reminds me of those self spinning lollipop holders I see at the drugstore. Cause you know, kids now-a-days can’t spin their lollipops in their mouths with their fingers anymore. Gotta have a little gadget to do it for them.

  23. posted by bezbabe on

    this cracks me up! mostly because i just got one for christmas from the family white elephant exchange. i know. you’re all saying, lucky me.

  24. posted by Jill on

    Another useless “appliance”. Stick to the stick – you don’t have to buy it, store it, clean it or keep it. Isn’t searching for a stick half the fun? And roasting the marshmellow on it be the reward for finding it?

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