Introducing Elfa Freestanding

The Container Store in the U.S. has started selling the Elfa Freestanding shelving system that doesn’t need to be attached to the wall to use. When I saw them for sale last week in my local store, I may have unconsciously shouted, “Finally!”

The Container Store introduced the new line by issuing a press release and sending catalogs with pictures of the new product line to people who live near their brick and mortar stores. It wasn’t until last week that I finally noticed the product line was available through their website. The photographs of the specific units are a little difficult to find, so I scanned a few of the pictures from the catalog for you:

I live in a home with concrete and glass walls, so I see the Elfa Freestanding system as a very welcome addition to the Elfa product line. My laundry room may finally get shelving units in 2008.

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  1. posted by J. Todd Leffar on

    Hmm. I feel strangely compelled to purchase an elfa freestanding office shelving system, in walnut and white, and I don’t know why…

  2. posted by Kris on

    Fabulous. I love it. Wonderful.

  3. posted by oneighturbo on

    very nice. i set up an elfa wall unit for our gaming consoles/games/controllers. 4 holes/screws into the wall and the whole unit is done in about 5 mintutes!

  4. posted by oneighturbo on

    can’t paste flickr images so ill try this

  5. posted by Michele on

    Butt-ugly. Harumph. Perhaps a good solution for the basement or garage, but not something to put in my livingroom or bedroom. 🙂

  6. posted by Corinne on

    Forget about the shelves……where can I get that woman’s shoes?!?!?!

  7. posted by emerald on

    Yeah! At last maybe we can sort our storage out… The flat we live in breaks masonry bits on hammer drills, so hopefully this is the answer 🙂

  8. posted by foundation on

    Forget about the shoes……where can I get that woman?!?!?!

    These are so perfect for my apt since it’s a rented condo and they threaten $75 per hole I drill.

  9. posted by Katie on

    This is a breath of fresh air! I live in an apartment where we are not allowed to puncture the walls!

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  10. posted by verily on

    $75 per hole? Wow! I’ve never had an apartment so much as blink at the holes I leave behind from all my paintings… It’s just a matter of caulk and touch-up paint for them.

    I always disliked having to mount anything large to the walls out of sheer paranoia that it would come crashing down later and take part of the wall with it. I have a shelf I need to hang and it requires installing drywall anchors. 0.o I would feel more reassured with a freestanding unit, though they seem a bit pricey.

  11. posted by CM on

    I’m too intimidated to install anything, but I always stop and stare at the Elfa displays imagining what my closet could look like. I may finally get my closet organized!

  12. posted by Angela Esnouf on

    I’m impressed. The possibilities are endless, and it seems really easy to “install”.

  13. posted by Billy on

    Am I the only one thinking it’s too expensive? I saw it at the container store the other day.. and went.. woah.. too pricy.

  14. posted by Kami Kay on

    That freestanding shelf unit looks great! It makes me want one for my home office!

  15. posted by Didot on

    Now the Container Store does sell Elfa Freestanding online! As shown here:
    The prices are too high for me, but the images in the ads are certainly appealing…

  16. posted by Joe on

    They sell a shelf 34″ x 48″ x 43″ h and it costs $1543.00.

    What planet do these people live on?

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