Organize ticket stubs in a dedicated diary

If you’re someone who can’t part with ticket stubs, you may be interested in making something like the Ticket Stub Diary from Uncommon Goods.

From the product description:

With this Ticket Stub Diary you can preserve your precious memories from concerts, museums, movies, sporting events, Broadway shows and more. Comes with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes, plus space in the margin to write down your memories from the event. Acid-free pages will preserve your memories; so that one day you can tell your grandkids that you met The Boss.

Unfortunately, the website says that the exact product won’t be available again until March 2008. Creating your own wouldn’t be too difficult, however, with a scrapbook cover, photo corners, and some acid-free paper (or go for an all-in-one kit).

I photograph my ticket stubs and then toss them, so the idea of a memory book for them is personally a bit much. (Concert posters are another issue altogether, which I’ll address next week.) If you’re someone who holds onto stubs, though, you should definitely consider an uncluttered solution similar to these.

Thanks to reader Robin for the head’s up about the Ticket Stub Diary!

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  1. posted by Ryan on

    That might be a good buy for me. I collect ticket stubs and I got a crap ton in a box in my closet. Thanks for the find!

  2. posted by M on

    I use a photo album to store my ticket stubs and it works well. I used to keep a lot of brochures from my travels, museums, etc., and that took up a lot of space, so now I just cut out the main logo from each item and paste that in my scrapbook instead of holding onto the entire bulky brochures.

  3. posted by Dustin on

    I think you have taken the whole unclutterer thing too far when you photograph your ticket stubs and pitch them. Is keeping them in a binder just too much? You really lose the effect if you can’t smell the sweat from the better shows….

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    Dustin — Stay tuned for my post on concert posters next week … you’ll understand then why I just photograph my ticket stubs. It’s about tradeoffs …

  5. posted by Anna on

    Why doesn’t this count as a ridiculous unitasker? Have we never heard of scrapbppks and photo albums? We need to spend 2-3 times the cost or more for a dedicated ticket stub album? Absurd.

  6. posted by Hanna on

    Books like this one is made to sell more notebooks and create a need when there is non, if you ask me. I like the idea but I rather take any notebook I own and like and glue in my tickets or what ever ephemera one collects. I keep some of my tickets and they go into my diary when apropriate! 🙂 But books like this might inspire people too, to make something of their own like you mention – and that is just great!

    Happy new year

  7. posted by Dancing Monkey on

    I’ve always loved the “my little fortune” album I got as a freebie, and you can buy something similiar here: But thanks for the logical suggestion of using an ordinary notebook to save these items … now keeping a scrapbook of my everyday travels is one of my resolutions!

  8. posted by Luis Fernando on

    Man, let it go. What good can a ticket stub bring upon you or anybody else? Erin is so right: absurd unitasker. But it gets worse: the task itself is worthless.

  9. posted by John Kelly on

    I just scan ticket stubs etc and use Picasa to organise and view my “collections”. I find that just like photographs you are far more likely to look at them on the computer rather than find the various albums.

  10. posted by fredlet on

    I tend to put the ticket stub in the CD jewel case of the related concert/album (lift out the plastic tray where the cd is and then put the stub in between the plastic and the printed J card)
    That way the ticket is protected, I can see it and I don’t have extra things to store.

  11. posted by lahope on

    I’m with Luis on this one. I don’t get it. Why would anyone pursuing the uncluttered lifestyle save ticket stubs????? I certainly don’t need a ticket stub to remember Altamont–there were none, of course, because it was a free concert.

  12. posted by lahope on

    And photographing ticket stubs??That is waaaay over the top. What a way to use your computer’s storage capacity!

  13. posted by consumer_q on

    I keep concert stubs, because
    1. I will often have them autographed post-show.
    2. I will often track down a live recording of a show I attended and having the stub completes the package for me (goes in the jewel case of the bootleg).

  14. posted by Luis Fernando on

    What else can I say… In I can see that the diary has sold out. The market has spoken and the majority thinks that ticket stubs diaries, take-out menu organizers, CD alphabetizers and all such “stuff” (this is, by all means and definitions, “stuff”) are indispensable for the modern living.

    Trying to explain that it is not so to someone that thinks that a CD jewel case is something worth keeping is something I can live without.

  15. posted by JenniferM on

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping ticket stubs, but this little collector’s album is a unitasker if I ever saw one.

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