Good Housekeeping’s 30 minute clutter solutions

Good Housekeeping has an interesting online tool to help you organize and clean just about every room of your home. It is the 30 Minute Clutter Solution. The solutions are helpful and cover a wide range of areas from kitchens and pantries to laundry rooms. Each tip is supposed to take 30 minutes. This will give you a target as to how much time you should spend on each solution without becoming obsessive about it. We love the idea of combining the Good Housekeeping system with our suggestion of spending half an hour cleaning each day during the week.

Check out the 30 Minute Clutter Solution. It may become a useful resource for future cleaning projects.

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  1. posted by ohlieoh on

    I think GoodHousekeeping could stand to run the ‘unclutter tool’ on their website.

  2. posted by sunsail on

    LOL!! ohlieoh, i was thinking the same thing!

  3. posted by karen on

    sorry, i got way more useful info from unclutter’s tips than i did from the good housekeeping site. them suggesting putting shelves in the kitchen to help with clutter might be a good idea, but it doesn’t really help with the immediate problem.

  4. posted by kisa on

    I agree. A lot of text to read before you get to the point, and the point seems to be… furniture you can buy to help keep clutter hidden. (Check out “family and living rooms->entertaining area”, for one.)

    I’ve just found unclutterer and love the site, but am wondering why so many “this time last year” posts are being made.

  5. posted by Lisa on

    I agree with kisa’s point…why are we getting unclutter e-mails that have post from last year. It would be nice to get new tips and ideas.

  6. posted by Mike on

    Maybe for people who were not subscribers last year, like me !

  7. posted by kisa on

    Mike, good point – but that’s what the online blog archives are for :).

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Lisa or kisa —

    There is also a post in our blog archives that explains how to receive our content without the A Year Ago posts?

  9. posted by kisa on

    Thanks for the tip, Erin. I don’t receive Unclutterer via e-mail, though; I just visit the website. Which I love!

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