Slimmed down kitchen faucets

faucetKitchen faucets have become much more sleek and compact over the years. If your kitchen is still equipped with a traditional two handled faucet and a separate sprayer attachment, you may want to make the switch to something like this Price Pfister model. The water’s temperature is regulated by a standalone arm design that isn’t very new, but the sprayer is contained in the spout for a convenient design that keeps your sink less cluttered.

If you do go with a newer and sleeker design for your sink you can install a soap dispenser, as one of our readers suggested. This will further free your sink of clutter by getting rid of those pesky soap bottles that seem to get in the way of just about everything.

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  1. posted by David Reber on

    Both great ideas! easy to do and relatively inexpenseive ways to update the kitchen sink.

  2. posted by Lori on

    I love my integrated sprayer (much more ergonomic and easier to use than a separate sprayer), but I *hate* those soap dispensers. Our new house has one, and I’d love to get rid of it. They’re not long enough to dispense into the pots & pans and big bowls that you need soap for (I’m not a sink filler, but a bowl filler), but you wouldn’t want them to be any longer, lest they be in the way. They waste soap by always dispensing too much, it’s impossible to tell when they’re getting low on soap, and refilling them is a frustrating task. I’ll keep my pretty glass bottle with the pouring spout, thank you.

  3. posted by PJK on

    I love my soap dispenser. It’s easy to refill. Just lift the nozzle out and pour the soap in. If you get one, make sure it specifies that it refills from the top.

  4. posted by Ed Eubanks on

    I appreciate the ease the PJK’s dispenser refills; otherwise, however, I think sacrificing ease of use and convenience for sleek lines is not true uncluttering. I’d much rather have “clutter” that functions efficiently than a neat workspace that works against me.

    On another note: I have a suggestion for a “Unitasker Wednesday” item: the phone book. What a waste these are, especially since everyone I know uses the ‘net to find numbers anyway.

  5. posted by CLL on

    I’ve had a faucet of this type from Moen for some time and like it a lot. I’m also of that “don’t like that soap dispenser” group, so I’m going to use the extra opening in the sink for something with even more uncluttering value – a separate faucet for the undercounter water filter that will enable major reductions in bottled water consumption.

    Merry, merry.

  6. posted by Kris on

    We have both the all-in-one faucet and the soap dispenser and things have never been so neat and uncluttered around the sink area. There’s no need for anything else to be out. It’s perfect. We use the dish soap as hand soap, too. Love it.

  7. posted by Kevin Wilson on

    Funny how people see things differently – the all-in-one faucets look really big and clunky to me, perhaps because the actual spout part is larger. I prefer the separate sprayer, and no soap dispenser, thanks.

    One thing I would like to try is one of the foot-operated on/off switches, for hands-free rinsing.

  8. posted by lana on

    Funny that you should mention the all-in-one faucets. We just had our water filter company out to service our unit and he noticed our all-in-one at the kitchen sink. He made a point to mention that he has three of them in his house and warned us to watch out for leaks from these kind of faucets. He said that no matter how cheap or expensive these things are, eventually, they all will start to crack along the flexible neck (which will lead to leaks under the sink).

    I agree with Kevin; I don’t care for the clunky look of the all-in-one faucet, but my husband won that round. When we replace it though, I’ll get to choose.

  9. posted by ClickerTrainer on

    Dissenting opinion:
    I loathe my soap dispenser — it is most frequently found full of ants. [As the pest control guy says: “Welcome to California.”]

  10. posted by Jeanne B. on

    Hey, I have that faucet! I love it. My one suggestion would be to incorporate an on/off on the sprayer portion. Say I have a pot in one hand and the sprayer in the other—-to be able to turn off the flow momentarily without turning off the water entirely would make this the perfect faucet. But I’m really happy with it.

  11. posted by Erin Doland on

    @lana — The flexible tube on our unit is made out of the exact same material as the tubing that goes to our dishwasher and refrigerator. You would need to use a pipe cutter on it to pierce it. I think you would want to replace the faucet because its out of style before you would need to replace it for leaks.

  12. posted by momofthree on

    I love my 5-10 year old all in one Moen sprayer faucet. Our problem is the hard water in the Chicago area makes the ball bearing inside wear out faster, so my hubby has learned to replace it when we notice the thing is acting funny.

  13. posted by dadama on

    Funny how we can much ado about nothing. A faucet dispenses water. It does nothing more yet we are willing to spend hundreds (if not more) on such a device when people in some parts do not even have water in their home. Not to be a grinch, but the part I like about minimalism is that it should be practical and relatively inexpensive.

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