Unitasker Wednesday: Martini shaker

Mary O’Hearn, a reader who promises to be Unclutterer’s number one fan, sent me this unitasker that may be one of the most unitasking items I’ve ever seen. It’s the Waring Pro Electric Martini Shaker from Sur La Table.

From the catalog copy:

“Sure to become the life of the party, our martini maker shakes or stirs the perfect martini with just the push of a button.”

Luckily, the price has been discounted from $190 to only $99!

As Mary notes, “Perhaps it is worth it if you happen to have 2 broken arms.” But, then again, I’m not sure how someone could pour the alcohol into the metal shaker, insert the shaker into the machine, and then press the shake or stir buttons with broken arms?! Also, what happens if you accidentally shake it a little before putting it into the machine? Is it too shaken or too stirred?

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

9 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Martini shaker”

  1. posted by Natasha on

    But… but… it shakes AND stirs!!

    Is shaking a martini really an exact science? Seriously, that is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen! Especially since shaking or stirring a martini does not take that long, so it’s not like you could push the button while you go vaccum your living room.

  2. posted by Colin on

    I can only assume that this is for people who have dogs that assist with daily tasks – because it’s really hard for the dog to give something a good shake that doesn’t have some kind of handle on it. Presumably it’s cheaper to get this than a trained monkey to supplement the dog.

    Any able bodied adult – or child, for that matter – who buys this deserves all the mockery that they might receive.

  3. posted by chris on

    You’re a loser (and your party sucks) if you need a martini shaker to be “the life of the party.”

  4. posted by Andrew on

    Just perfect, now I can have three or four martinis mixing while drinking one. This is the perfect gift for a steady drinker. No more time wasted while shaking the martini, I must order three or four of them ASAP

  5. posted by jsn on

    Well you could use it to stir paint. Save all your touch up paint in martini shakers. Wait that isn’t that bad of an idea..

  6. posted by A Home in the City on

    LOL! I saw this in the store the other day, and “Unitasker Wednesday” was the first thing that came to mind!! 🙂

  7. posted by Tamara on

    I saw this just last week in a magazine under holiday gift ideas! I just had to check and see if you’d covered it and I’m delighted to find it here.

  8. posted by zeytoun on

    Martinis oughtn’t be shaken…

  9. posted by Amanda on

    Good grief, my husband actually tried buying this last week! He gave up on the idea when I pointed out that his “martini” is simply straight vodka over a solitary ice cube, and thus requires no mixing whatsoever.

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