Design ideas: Wax candle holders and a step chair

One of my passions in life is good design, which means that my Google Reader is filled with interior design blog feeds. Recently, NotCot has shared a couple uncluttered designs on its pages that I wanted to pass along to you.

First up, I saw on NotCot a set of three candles that caught my attention. The candles, which are pictured at right, are candle and candle holder in one solid piece of wax. There is no need for an extra candle stick holder to clutter up the inside of a cabinet when not in use because the holder itself is part of the candle. They are designed by Roman Ficek and are available in red, black, and white. I don’t see myself throwing out my candle stick holders just yet — this was the only website I could find that sold candles of this type — but I like the idea of it immensely.

Another piece that struck my fancy on NotCot was the Folding Chair Ladder. Described as “an incredibly clever little side chair that turns into a step ladder,” it would be perfect for a small space:

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  1. posted by Brian on


    That chair is more commonly called a “library chair.” They’ve been around for a long, long time, and are exceptionally handy. Google “library chair” and you’ll find much better prices than NotCot’s.

  2. posted by Eric on

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a hard time keeping candles from heat and pressure related damage when not in use. With this candle+holder design it will be doubly hard to keep them from becoming damaged before and during use.

  3. posted by J. Todd Leffar on

    The one-piece candle + holder is a neat concept, but they would take up a lot more storage room than regular ol’ candles — unless you kept no more than 1 pair of them on hand at a given time.

    Seems like more of a design novelty than a space-saving solution.

  4. posted by Stephanie on

    Wouldn’t you still need something to catch the dripping wax from the candle?

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Stephanie — I think they’re no-drip candles. At least I hope they are! If I owned them, I think I would probably put them on a plate when they got down to wee itty bitty parts … but a plate I just had in my house already, not something special.

  6. posted by Kathryn on

    If you’re that funked about candlesticks cluttering up your cabinets, why not just use pillar candles, which are inexpensive and readily available? I’m with Todd. These don’t seem all that less cluttery than having traditional candlesticks. Ditto with the chair: a nice folding chair + folding step stool would stow away in less space and cost a fraction of the price of that chair.

  7. posted by Erlend on

    I imagine that this would create more garbage, as you cannot burn all of the wax?

    Save the environment!

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Erlend — There is no garbage, that’s the point. You burn the candle holder, too.

  9. posted by Susan on

    I have a chair like that, except it’s an ironing board, too, as well as a chair and a stepladder. I have no idea how old it is, but I got it at a garage sale ages ago.

  10. posted by Samantha on

    Susan – What a lucky find! That sounds like such a useful combination.

  11. posted by Sarah on

    It’s white. Forget it. With a dog, 3 cats and a husband, white is the most impractical color imaginable and makes the rest of an off-white/almond/blue accents kitchen look dingy. Great idea, though.

  12. posted by JB on

    I have a similar chair, but it’s finished in a lovely mahogany stain. However, I have two problems with it: 1, when in step-ladder mode, the ends that touch the floor are easily scuffed and the finish on the steps is nicked and dirtied by shoes and feet, leaving it not so lovely. 2, when in chair mode, it’s really difficult to move because the back legs aren’t attached to the front legs, so unless you grab the back and front together, you end up opening the chair instead of moving it. Very problematic for use at a dining room table. I leave mine open in step-ladder mode as a tiered nightstand in my guest bedroom, and only switch it to chair mode if I need the extra seat. It’s great idea, but be aware of its limits before purchasing.

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