Organize your life on your wall

Martha Stewart’s Home and Decorating website is currently featuring a terrific Chalkboard Wall Calendar. The directions for how to recreate the wall calendar are available in print and video, and look to be manageable as a weekend project.

If you have a family always on the go, or have a wall without decoration in your home office, this might be a great technique for you to try!

via Apartment Therapy

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  1. posted by Andamom on

    We actually have an online calendar with all activities for all members of our family that we print out monthly and hang on our magnetic white board (IKEA). We have found that this is neater and enables us to look at what is going on (complete with pop ups in email) when we are at work, on the go (via cell phone calendars that are synched), or at home… The calendar hangs next to our weekly task list for chores as well as our other random notes that we need to address.

  2. posted by MadMolecule on

    Neat idea. They appear to have transposed the photos of mixing proportions for paints C and D there; Paint D is lighter than C, but the photo shows it having a higher black-to-white ratio.

    I was going to post this on their site, but they require registration, which would make me lose valuable TV-watching time.

  3. posted by Marie on

    I’m not sure I would want that calendar looming over my workspace. It looks kind of ominous.

  4. posted by Leonard Klaatu on

    It’s All Too Much!

  5. posted by ClickerTrainer on

    I saw this when it came out a year ago or so, and considered and rejected it. I think the chalk would be messy. Unless you never wrote on it I guess. I bet Martha would either not write on it, or she would staff out the chalk-dust cleanup.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @ClickerTrainer — I’m allergic to chalk dust and used to be a school teacher. What I learned was that not all chalks are created equal. When writing on boards, I used liquid chalk pens made by the Rainbow company. The chalk only came off with a wet cloth. No dust. No mess. If I had a wall like this in my home, I would definitely use the liquid chalk pens.

  7. posted by Jill on

    I actually did this very thing on my kitchen wall. It is better than I expected AND everyone that sees it thinks it’s great!

    To see a picture go here

  8. posted by Jake Jacobs on

    This is a great idea!!! We used to have a normal black board painted direct on the wall, but a giant calender is great!

  9. posted by Amanda on

    I don’t mean to sound lazy about this, but this seems to require completely transposing 6 weeks worth of events every week or two (to move up the dates). I like this idea, and may actually do it once I have my own place, but I’m not really looking forward to the big (repeated) task re-writing 45 days-worth of events on a large wall.

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