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Catalog Choice is a free service that you use to help curb the amount of catalogs that you receive in the mail. The process doesn’t take very long and can be completed in three easy steps. From Catalog Choice:

Catalog Choice is a sponsored project of the Ecology Center. It is endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council, and funded by the Overbrook Foundation, the Merck Family Fund, and the Kendeda Fund.

If you are tired of all the unwanted catalogs that you are receiving, you may want to give Catalog Choice a try.

Additionally, check out our previous posts on ways to cut down on junk mail in general: Undo the junk mail damage and Cut down junk mail.

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  1. posted by Gayle on

    These no-junk-mail services are almost always US-based. Does anybody know of a Canadian one? (or other countries, for other readers)

  2. posted by Nancy on

    Thank you for this post! It’s always bothered me how much of the Rain Forest is lost so that J.Crew, Spiegel, and others can send me 8,302 catalogs that go directly into the recycling bin. I only read about 10% of the catalogs I get.

  3. posted by Trish T on

    I’ve called Sears twice to get them to stop dropping off catalogues in front of my door. The wad of paper doesn’t even make inside and goes directly into the recycling box. I keep getting them, though. And I’ll never shop at Sears again..

  4. posted by Michael on

    Pity Catalog Choice doesn’t list their participating merchants without you needing to create an account. Privacy Policy or not, I’m not inclined to sign up for an account and give them my personal information before being able to determine if the catalogs I receive, and don’t want to receive, could be declined through their service.

  5. posted by Andamom on

    I wrote a post back in October about ways to minimize clutter before it comes into the house. I list 18 ways to accomplish this including the cancellation of catalogs –>

  6. posted by Esme on

    Oh my goodness, Christmas has come early! Thank you so much for the information on Catalog Choice. Last March, I accidentally did not opt out when buying a present for niece and nephew online and now I receive about six kid’s catalogs a week (no exaggerating!) Plus, my father passed away last year and all his mail is forwarded to me. He was a catalog junkie. Before all this started, I was already getting several a day. One of my resolutions for 2008 was to figure out how to stop all these catalogs from coming. Now I don’t have to wait until 2008.

    I signed up immediately. All it requires is an email address, not really any personal information (I have a kind of junk email address that I use for these things.)

  7. posted by Tara on

    @Michael: If you’re wondering which catalogues are in their database it’s nearly everything — all of the big ones and many more that I had never heard of but received recently. There were a handful that they didn’t list (some very obscure ones) but you can submit a request to add those to the list and they email you with a notification when they have done so.

    A great service. I have already unsubscribed from 65 catalogues!

  8. posted by Lady S on

    I heard about this on NPR just recently and signed up. I am so glad I did. I think I got 4 LL Bean and 4 Land’s End catalogs just since Thanksgiving. I have signed up for about 8 different ones so far, and plan to do everything I get, as I get them. I am glad they do this for free. I have seen other “de-junkmail-er” sites that were for a fee. I am going to spread the word on this one.

  9. posted by twosandalz on

    I used to call the catalog companies directly to be taken off their mailing lists, which usually entailed time spent on hold. What a time saver this is!

  10. posted by angela on

    I also get the mail for my work, and have been adding the unbelievable amount of catelogs we get here….we get literally 5 dell catalogs a day. Still waiting to see if it works!

  11. posted by A Non on

    How does this compare to ?

  12. posted by Catherine on

    I’ve been a member for several weeks now and even though the site warns that it takes 10 weeks to process a request, in the past few days I have not received a single catalog. Progress, for sure.

  13. posted by In MD on

    I’ve been using Catalog Choice since March 2008. As of July 2008 I receive MORE catalogs. What’s worse, one of the catalogs I declined in April 2008, AJ Prindle, subsequently sold my name & address to another catalog that I began receiving July 2008. How do I know? I had used a unique shipping address with AJ Prindle. It’s never appeared anywhere else until July 2008.

  14. posted by Michele on

    Thanks for the catalog link. I did this over a year ago and had the catalogs well managed. Then we moved. The United States Postal Service can’t forward a 1st class letter in a timely fashion [30 days], but they did notify every retail catalog. I have never seen so much junk mail, and it makes me very, very angry. What a waste.

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