Reader suggestion: Reduce holiday clutter and rent your Christmas tree

Reader Sillahee, in the comments to Uncluttered Holiday Decorations, tipped us off to an amazing holiday rent-a-tree program in Portland, Oregon, that we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. From MSNBC:

“The trees are taken out of the ground, roots and all, put into pots, and delivered to families in the Portland area. Soon after New Year’s, Fogel [founder of The Original Living Christmas Tree Company] and his crew pick up the trees and deliver them to parks, school districts and other groups who pay around $10 to have the trees planted on their property.”

This is such a terrific idea! I was disheartened to read in the article about the program that this is the only known rent-a-tree company in the United States. If you’re an entrepreneur living outside of Portland, this is a definite niche that you could fill. No clutter. No mess. Good for the environment.

Thank you, Sillahee, for sharing the link!

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  1. posted by Jon King on

    Very Cool… I forwarded it to a friend of mine that owns a nursery !

  2. posted by PJ Doland on

    I wonder how much a tree like this costs, seeing as it’s obviously much more work to dig a tree out of the ground and transport it with the root bundle.

  3. posted by Andamom on

    Another blogger did a fabulous comparison of all Christmas tree options. http://unplugyourkids.blogspot.....lemma.html

  4. posted by Tiara on

    Only last night a friend was telling me about hearing about this company on NPR, but didn’t know the details. Thanks so much for the info!

  5. posted by sylrayj on

    After the Christmas break is over, it’s always so disheartening to walk my son to school, and see a small thicket worth of dead trees lying on the side of the road, some with the faint memory of the holidays glittering in their needles. My tree is one my mom sent to me, gleaned from a yard sale, and even though it’s a little ratty, I know it didn’t get killed for just a brief time of glory. It’s so good to hear of living trees that will have a place to grow!

  6. posted by Kris on

    This is such a great idea. I forwarded this to my father. He always buys a real tree, roots and all, and plants it somewhere on his property (he’s on 10 acres) afterwards. We realize not everyone has this option. He’ll be thrilled to see this. Thanks!

  7. posted by khan on

    Some municipalities will come to your house and pick up a balled tree for planting in community parks (you might have to make a reservation early on to have a hole dug).

  8. posted by Jon Matthias on

    Seems like a lot of energy wasted to dig a tree out of the ground, transport it, transport it back, and to re-plant it. I think the “greenest” solution would entail skipping the tree altogether.

  9. posted by Christine on

    It doesn’t get taken back to the farm and re-planted, it gets planted at a school or a park. In essence, you’re getting a tree for the holidays *and* subsidizing the greening up of a public space.

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