2 + 1 multi-functioning furniture

The Korean design company SDESIGNUNIT has created a Tetris-esque piece of furniture that makes me smile:

As the image describes, the 2 + 1 piece can serve as a bed, sofa, or two chairs and a table. I love the multi-functionality of this piece of furniture.


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  1. posted by Kris on

    I love smart stuff like this. Would be great for a guest room or a child’s room.


  2. posted by Anna on

    Hee. From the description page:

    “The young singles ratio is getting increase in the society. These people live alone in small apartment in the city. They would like to have multipurpose furniture for using small room efficiently. There are two chairs and on table. Ordinary these are two chairs and table. But When they watch TV. It can be Sofa. And when they go to sleep. It is going to be a single bed.”

  3. posted by Adam on

    Any idea where this can be purchased? Seems like a pretty cool idea to me.

  4. posted by Lotus on

    Am I the only person who thinks that either the bed would be too hard or the table would be too soft to be practical?

  5. posted by thisisbeth on

    Lotus-that was my thought, too. Unless you have cushions/mattress, or like very firm surfaces, the bed/couch won’t be comfortable.

  6. posted by Julie on

    Lotus, that was my thought, too. Along with their bright colors, which might be more appropriate for a child’s room than for a grown-ups.

    They look like giant legos.

  7. posted by Kerry on

    I was thinking the same thing Julie! If we were little Lego people we’d fit in perfectly.

    Another thought might be the space you’d need to assemble the pieces into the different forms. If you’ve got a 100 sq. ft. room could you make it work?

  8. posted by Betsbillabong on

    Not to mention, do you really want to be eating popcorn and drinking beer on your bed? Still, it’s a cool idea. I’m just not sure if it would be practical.

  9. posted by Jasi on

    I love, love, love it.

  10. posted by Corinne on

    if the chair seats are really on the same level as the table top like they are in the picture, those of us with long legs would have a really hard time bending over our knees to eat.

    This just doesn’t look practical.

  11. posted by Kenny on

    As cool as it looks or seems, how comfortable could those possibly be?

  12. posted by Alex on

    “Still, it’s a cool idea. I’m just not sure if it would be practical.”

    I think you missed the point, it’s more practical for people with very small aparmtents to have this one piece of multi-use furniture than to have a table, chairs, sofa, and a bed crammed into one area.

    If you’re not in this predicament, it’s not targeted to you. Unless you just like the style.

    I’d go for something that seems more soft for a bed, hard for a table, and with traditional style.

  13. posted by Marie on

    I have a very small apartment and there’s no way I would buy this– despite the “functionality.” Even if it does create three different types of furniture, what’s the point if they’re all ugly and uncomfortable?

  14. posted by Laura on

    Does anyone really have an apartment that they can not even fit a bed and small table in? Also, what would happen if you spilled food on the table and then had to use it as a bed? It would always feel a bit gross to me. Not to mention all the time it would take to switch from one piece of furniture to another. Impromptu naps would be impossible by the time you cleaned the table, put on the pillows, switched the furniture and changed the sheets. The only way I can see this working is like a sofa bed, where you primarily use it as a sofa, but convert it to a bed for guests. It could be a table-sofa bed. Also, I agree with Marie that it is ugly. Maybe something for the back room or garage.

  15. posted by verily on

    I guess none of you have lived in a college dormitory before? In a teeny box, your twin bed is your couch, your dining room seat, your study desk, and a place to sleep. If you were really swanky, you had a small TV tray to put your food or books on.

    Unless you’re a messy eater, your bed remains clean enough. And yes, I have eaten popcorn and drank beer on my bed before. 😉

  16. posted by Nancy on

    It just looks terribly uncomfortable to me. In my opinion, my couch would work just as well…2 people could sit on each end with a pretty tray in the middle (in place of table & chairs), and it is much more comfortable for sleeping than this thing appears to be. For me, comfort is just as important as space.

  17. posted by Amanda Himelein on

    The top of the table is the bottom of the bed. If I were designing it, the bed would have a rim around the edge, with the cushions recessed in that. Then when you flip it over, the table is steady (resting on the rim), and the cushioned bed is protected.

    We tend to eat in the oriental style anyway, so the height of the chairs doesn’t bother me. The sofa’s going to be hard, though… I might call it a “bench”, so as to not raise expectations.

  18. posted by Eric on

    Put me down for thinking it’s a fun concept. But it seems that in trying to accomplish three functions, it does them all badly. I have lived in studios and dorm singles before and have always been able to fit a bed, a chair, and a desk or coffee table.

    But it’s cute! Definitely cute.

  19. posted by Josh on

    The Table is too low, the Sofa has no back and the Bed speaks for itself!

  20. posted by Dentohen on

    This is smart? It looks very silly.

  21. posted by douglas on

    yeah i’ve seen this before but its uh… unique so i’ll give it 5/10

  22. posted by Jack Howson on

    So you’re expected to eat off something you sleep on. Won’t it be too hard to sleep on/too soft to eat off?

    How does that work?

  23. posted by tony b on

    Its very cool but not practical
    the heights are all wrong for comfort. The table is too low for the chairs.

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