Workspace of the Week: Student office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Natasha’s writing, photo-editing, bill-paying, and studying home office:

One of the features I like best about this workspace is how the books in the room are only those Natasha needs for her current semester of school. I also applaud Natasha for posting a picture of the inside of her desk drawer.

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

9 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Student office”

  1. posted by Kerry on

    It’s nice to see an office with some personality! An organized office doesn’t just have to be blank with a desk in the room. The orchids are a nice (and zen-like) touch!

  2. posted by Marie on

    I agree, Kerry. There’s nothing stark or sterile about this room. Well done!

  3. posted by Brian on

    I agree that this is a nice space. I aspire to that level of tidiness on my desk when I’m done with work. But why is it a good thing that the only books in the room are those for the current semester?

  4. posted by Sandra on

    Hello Kitty calendar! 🙂

  5. posted by jt in the army on

    I gotta agree with Brian, what if sh needs to reference a book from a previous semester?
    Are those kept elsewhere? I kept mine in a bookcase with a curtain in front, then later upgraded to decorative boxes on shelves with books I might need.

  6. posted by Natasha on

    All my other books are in my bedroom, since I’m a huge bibliophile it works for me to have only ones I need at my fingertips for school in my workspace, and the rest far away, so if I need other books they’re just down the hall, but I’m not tempted to sit and flip through books when I want to avoid homework. Also, keeping only the useful books for that semester handy serves to de-clutter the space by having only what I absolutely need out and about.

    Thanks for all the kind words!

  7. posted by Rashid on

    I like it, it is functional, and not too empty looking. Decorated very well, I approve!

  8. posted by Michael @ Freshome on

    I love the black & white combination with a little bit of color.

  9. posted by Diane on

    I think the art on the wall makes the space cluttered the last supper picture in particular is too busy – because of all the books and misc item. The art should promote relaxation and maybe have a theme – the calendar is pretty busy too maybe needs a different wall.

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