Unitasker Wednesday: Caramel apple dipper

Caramel Apple DipperDo you have a sweet tooth? Well, if you have a sweet tooth and you like to indulge in compulsive purchases, then the Caramel Apple Dipper is probably right up your alley. Why wait until your next trip to an amusement park or the county fair for a taste of caramel wrapped around an otherwise healthy fruit? You can melt caramel in this giant apple and easily dip your apple into the sweet golden goodness.

If you can’t get enough of that caramel apple, you may want to invest in a cotton candy machine. This is the next step in your descent into the carnival food pyramid that will undoubtedly leave you asking for mercy.

** Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Janet Miles on

    That actually looks like it would be fun to rent for a party, although I can’t see wanting to own it.

  2. posted by Sheryl on

    “If you can’t get enough of that caramel apple, you may want to invest in a cotton candy machine. This is the next step in your descent into the carnival food pyramid that will undoubtedly leave you asking for mercy.”

    Actually, all that sugar would leave me in a puddle on the floor, needing to be scraped up with a spatula. What a waste of money and storage space – no thanks.

  3. posted by Kim on

    I agree with Sheryl’s sentiment. I really dislike “Unitasker Wednesday.” It is a daunting reminder of how material objects take over our lives.

  4. posted by PJK on

    @ Kim – Isn’t that the point? I always thought one of the benefits of Unitasker Wednesday IS to remind us not to let these material objects take over our lives. Sometimes we want something because it’s cool or looks useful, but if we reflect a little further, we may find that it’s not that versatile and we could easily make do without it, rather than add to our clutter.

  5. posted by Tamara on

    I LOVE unitasker Wednesday! Just last week I was at a kitchen gadget store, pointing out the good useful things, as well as the things that are primed for a little Wednesday exposure! I bought one of those pump sprayers that dispenses olive oil in a spray. We cook with olive oil a lot, so I think it was a good purchase… though it might be in the unitasker grey zone.

  6. posted by Xyrra on

    I adore Unitasker Wednesday, myself. I’ve just been missing Extreme Minimalism Mondays.

  7. posted by Minnie on

    I also LOVE unitasker Wednesday.
    It seems like people don’t understand that unitasker Wednesday is a sarcastic, humorous thing!
    (and even if you love a particular unitasker and run out to buy it, it doesn’t make poking fun at it any less enjoyable…to me, anyway…)

  8. posted by Real Life Pixel on

    What’s funny is, I’ve just started frequenting this site and I saw this thing and thought, “WTF! I thought this site was supposed to be about un-cluttering. This thing is totally clutter.” . . . ha ha ha . . .

  9. posted by Erin @ Unclutterer on

    @Kim — You said it exactly as we intend it. Those of us who write, program, and edit the website are far from perfect. If we never stopped to laugh at ourselves, we wouldn’t properly be representing who we are. Heck, I have a few unitaskers in my own kitchen (*cough* the ice cream maker *cough*). Unitasker Wednesday is fun. That’s it. Don’t read anymore into it than that.

  10. posted by MadMolecule on

    I love it too. The word “unitasker” has entered my vocabulary because of this site. I get blank looks when I say it, so I explain, “It’s a product that does only one specific thing and has a big footprint. Like a waffle iron.”

    I’ve seen several people’s eyes light up when they first make the connection between usefulness and storage space. I just direct them to unclutterer.com.

    (I own a unitasker too. It’s a USB turntable, for ripping vinyl albums to .mp3 or .wav. Even though I hardly ever use it, it resides on my desk and takes up about four square feet. What price geekery?)

  11. posted by Kate Saltfleet on

    @Real life Pixel – same here!

    I love the concept of “Unitasker Wednesday”. The easy way to a clutter free life is not aquiring the stuff in the first place.

    This is what makes Christmas presents such a challenge, when everyone is asking what you want and you’re trying not to acquire more knick knacks and thingies. A definite case of Affluenza, methinks 🙂

  12. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    Isn’t the obesity epidemic bad enough without dipping healthy fruit in caramel and making your own cotton candy?

  13. posted by Adam on

    I like Unitasker Wednesday. It isn’t hard to see things in my own kitchen that are a one-trick pony, UW has helped me re-evaluate the usefulness of some items.

    I can safely say you will never find a carmel apple dipper in my house.

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