Hide your desk’s power strip

Hiding cables is one of the reasons, if not the reason most people come to our site from search engines. As a result, we are always on the lookout for creative solutions to this problems.

Today, we share reader Greg’s solution for how to hide power strips and cables under your desk. And, because Greg is fabulously organized, we also share the link to his step-by-step instructions for how he did it from Instructables. We want to note, though, that we recommend using a solid plastic basket as an alternative to avoid accidental electrocution.

Also seen on Lifehacker.

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  1. posted by Karen (Pediascribe) on

    Hmmmm, interesting. This would be even more cool if you could somehow remove it without having to unscrew it. Only thinking that would be handy b/c sometimes you have to change something out.

  2. posted by Kris on

    Maybe you could put it on hinges on one side and it could fold down to get in there.

  3. posted by Peter on

    This idea was featured by Martha Stewart years ago. Sorry, Greg ; )

  4. posted by snoop on

    Not a good idea.

    The metal grid of the bin is too close to the outlets and you could easily shock yourself or create an electrical arc while you are plugging or unplugging a cord–or a partially loose plug could come in contact with the grid and you could get shocked when you touch the metal mesh.

  5. posted by David Reber on

    Probably not the safest solution but headed in the right direction.

  6. posted by Kris on

    They make rubber coated versions of this rack that would work nicely and be safer if getting shocked is a concern.

    Is it me or is this pessimist central lately?

  7. posted by d'Andre on

    Looks good for uncluttering, but the other element that is important to me is saving power. To do that, you need the ability to switch off the power strip when you don’t need to have the power bricks energized. There are strips that sense power through one of the outlets and switch the rest off when the main unit (usually the CPU) is turned off. I think these have been featured here on unclutterer, but if not you can find them on http://www.smarthome.com. Otherwise, just having the switch on the power strip accessible would do the trick.

  8. posted by Cheyenne on

    I got some hook and loop (aka velcro) strips from my local hardware store and used them on the power strip to attach it to the back of my tv stand- I plan to do the same for my desk.

  9. posted by Charles on

    Not a bad idea, other than the safety issue.

    However, anyone have any ideas for a glass desk? I love having the glass because my office/media room is so small, so the glass helps make it look larger, but hiding cable is a bit of a pain. Right now, I’ve traced the wires along the framing so its less noticeable, but talk about a freaking nightmare when I want to replace/change something.

  10. posted by Marie on

    Cheyenne, LOVE that idea! Sounds like it would solve most of the problems mentioned in this thread.

  11. posted by Marie on

    P.S. Martha also suggested using those plastic things that secure bread bags as labels for your power cords. Write on them with permanent marker, attach them to the appropriate cord, and voila– never accidentally unplug your light source again!

  12. posted by Kris on

    @Charles .. are the wires all over the room or just in one location? If they’re somewhat centrally located, I’ve seen someone take a tall, thin, round basket with a lid (like a tall laundry basket) made of wicker and put some very small holes up and down in the back where needed. Your cables/wires go in the basket and whatever needs to come out comes out. Just a thought.

  13. posted by Erin @ Unclutterer on

    @snoop — As it clearly states in the article, we do NOT recommend using a metal basket. We do not recommend using a plastic coated metal basket, either. If you’re going to do this, we only recommend using a SOLID PLASTIC BASKET.

  14. posted by Monica Ricci on

    Great stuff… many of my clients are desperate for a cord-concealment solution and this fits the bill, minus the metal basket of course. There are plenty of PLASTIC grid baskets available that would be perfect. Excellent post.

  15. posted by Risa on

    The electrician in me would also like to suggest that you use an appropriate extension cord. One that’s grounded and heavier gauge, please.

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  18. posted by Brian on

    http://www.hidemycables.com allows you to create a custom long box to hide wires, routers, and power strips.

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