Eye-Fi eliminates the need for USB wires

Eye-FiEye-Fi is an SD memory card that wirelessly uploads your photos to your computer without the need for an extra wire or stand alone card reader. This little 2 GB card will make those wires and cables obsolete. Here at Unclutterer, we are always on the lookout for products that conquer the wire beast that lurks around your desk or entertainment center.

Unfortunately, the folks over at Engadget have thrown cold water on the Eye-Fi by giving it a marginally poor review. It’s at least a step in the right direction, and we look forward to future generations of this wireless SD card.

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  1. posted by helix on

    I’m kind of mixed about wireless peripherals.

    In this case, adding wireless to the SD card will increase the price and complexity of your setup. Isn’t it easier to just slip the card out of the camera and put it in the computer’s reader? I bet that the increase in transfer speed of USB2 over wireless will more than make up for the wireless advantage.

  2. posted by urban bohemian on

    I picked up one of these because I am always losing my camera connect cable, or finding that its been repurposed for my phone or universal remote. (Plus I’m a gadgetphile)

    I like it, but it could use some more configuration options. Last night in my apartment, I was taking photos of my dinner plating and just by leaving the camera on for a bit after each photo, they were automatically transferred to my computer. I like to review photos in iPhoto before uploading them to flickr, so it’s great.

    My only pet peeves are that the wifi transfer process doesn’t delete photos when it transfers them, so I do miss that auto-step of the “old way”. Additionally, you would have to set up your SD card for each wireless network you’re going to be on, so there’d be no on-the-fly uploading from a wifi point out in the wild unless you’d already arranged for it. But once I’m in the door at home, I just turn the camera on (disabling the auto-shut off) and the transfer starts.

    As neither my mac mini nor PC have an SD reader, this works well for me. I’ve noticed no power drain on the camera battery and it has a more convenient (dare I say uncluttered?) feel for me.

  3. posted by Kit on

    Sandisk makes an SD card that folds over in the middle to reveal a USB connector. I’ve been using one for quite a while with my camera because the camera requires a dock, now accessing pictures is MUCH faster! It also makes a great way to carry a USB memory stick in your wallet.

    Sandisk Ultra II Plus USB

  4. posted by Bill Ferrante on

    I purchased the Eye-Fi and so far love the darn thing. You need the USB dock and a laptop to configure the card for various wireless networks. Lately, I’ve been traveling with my laptop so I can add all the networks I typically see. Now that’s about complete, my photos instantly upload to my flickr account and when I arrive home, my PC get’s sync’d up as well. My verdict: It’s good.

    I also have the Sandisk Ultra II Plus which has the USB connector. It’s certainly nice to have, but with the wifi there’s no work to be done. No PC, no login to flickr, no transfer + upload. Just the mere convenience of having everything designated and automated is fantastic. No PC required is my icing.

    Order from wherever you like, but the folks at photojojo.com have a nice blog and always toss candy in the box. Sure, everyone is $99, but I got a blowpop too! =)

  5. posted by Rudy on

    Neat idea. Since I always have a laptop near by (even when I travel), transmitting the content of the SD card is never a problem for me.

  6. posted by Nancy on

    Dear Santa, must must have an Eye-Fi card..and a USB dock.

    Santa, can you make a camera battery that can wirelessly charge as well? (I’ve aready lost 2 of those suckers…battery chargers, I mean).

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