MUJI store opens in New York

I love MUJI products. When I’m in Paris, I am drawn to their store and all of its organizational goodness. I especially swoon over their desk organization products.

Since yesterday, however, my journey to a MUJI store has significantly decreased. No longer do I have to jaunt to Europe or Asia to get my in-store MUJI fix. Yes, MUJI has opened a full-blown store in the SOHO neighborhood of New York City between Grand and Howard Streets on Broadway. Three cheers for this new location!

If you’re unfamiliar with MUJI, you can check them out online here. If you’re in New York, check them out in person!

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  1. posted by BusyME on

    Bummer! Their website must be slammed…won’t load. What kind of products do they sell? What do you own & love that you got there?

  2. posted by Chella on

    This. is. awesome.

    I live in the UK, but there is no muji in my city. This means that there is a tiny region in my brain that holds a permanent muji map, so that whenever I am in London, or Dublin, or Leeds, I can go to Muji. My sorrow at no longer being able to impress my minimalist-loving best friend with blank playing cards made of kraft paper is balanced with my joy that I can break up my inevitable Christmas trip home to the parents with a muji extravaganza.


    How do the prices compare – am I getting any dollar benefits?

    What about A4 vs Letter size? How is this resolved?

    These are my burning questions.

  3. posted by Marie on

    Can’t wait to go down to SoHo to check it out. They’ve got to get a better website– the gallery section is a bunch of very slow-to-load images stacked on top of each other!

  4. posted by Mellon on

    While living in Japan, I went weekly to the local muji. Usually just to wander the aisles and pretend it was my apartment. I think i still have a muji binder from 1993 in my basement somewhere. I am both happy and disoriented with a US opening. You know, that fear that your favorite secret happiness is going national.

  5. posted by amanda lee on

    I stopped by today and there was a line all the way out the door and down the block. Apparently everyone loves Muji in NYC. I can’t wait to go back on a weekday. 😀

  6. posted by Michael on

    I am drooling. I now can not wait to for my trip to London so I can be one with Muji.

  7. posted by lahope on

    the website sucks

  8. posted by wj on

    They’ve done a poor job on the website: huge images, no sorting or organization.

    I guess they’re not running an e-commerce site: it looks hopeless to search for anything.

    And $3.50 for a plastic clothes hanger? I’d rather be one with my wallet, thanks.

  9. posted by krang on

    That is great!

    We got 2 MUJI stores in Stockholm, Sweden. Usually go there, drooling. :p

    at least the is alright.

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