Workspace of the Week: Home Office 2.0

This week’s Workspace of the Week is sirw82’s Home Office 2.0.

I chose this office because there are no visible cords, a terrific view, and a lava lamp to add personality. It makes me feel comfortable and productive just looking at the photograph.

Sirw82 recently moved into a new apartment, and had the benefit of creating this ideal space in the move. If you’re not embarking on a move, one thing to consider with your own space is to move everything out of your office and start again with a blank canvas. Often times, seeing the bare bones of a room can help with organization efforts.

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

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  1. posted by M.B. on

    But… but… there’s stuff on the floor! And that file holder on the desk is sooooooo extraneous! OMG it’s so cluttered!!!

    Just wanted to beat everyone else to the punch. 🙂 I love this room, personally.

  2. posted by David Reber on

    The simplicity is great. No distractions.

  3. posted by Hilary on

    I think I’m going to use this as desktop wallpaper. It’s just so calm looking. It makes you feel comfortable AND productive just looking at it!

  4. posted by patty on

    While I love the simplicity of this, how realistic is this truly? In my field graphic design it isn’t. I have a scanner, printer, cdroms to burn projects to for the client, not to mention the extra usb port so that I can hook other things up (digital camera). I have a crappy desk, and right now samples of my work are stored in clear plastic boxes in another room. I also have a bookcase that houses supplies (tape, pencils, pens, printer cartridges) not to mention manuals when the computer is not my friend. Don’t get me started on the reams of paper that I have tucked away in another clear plastic box. Why the reams of paper? A teacher wanted a particular brand of paper for all his projects and I had to go out and buy a ream specially for him (grr).Not to mention the magazines discussing upgrades, new software, latest designer etc. The person who comes up with a way to make this all work in a spare bedroom would be my personal hero. I might even throw in a couple of handknit sweaters!


  5. posted by Dave Gray on

    Two opposing visual ergonomics considerations, if doing computer work for extended periods in this setting.
    1. Having a distant view readily available provides a welcome rest break for the focusing mechanism. This helps prevent eye strain.
    2. Having a bright light source (window) behind the monitor forces the eyes to work very hard, constantly adjusting in this high contrast setting. This causes eye strain during extended work periods.
    Classic Dilemma

  6. posted by Kris on

    I love this. Fabulous. I think that it obviously works well for the person who it belongs to …. nothing can work perfectly for everyone.

    It would work just fine for me. Love it.

  7. posted by Jim Gaynor on

    Yes, I have to second Dave’s #2 – having the window directly behind the monitor is going to cause some serious eyestrain for slrw82.

  8. posted by Marie on

    Forget eyestrain — how distracting is it to have a window directly above your workspace? I’ve never been able to do it. And considering how dark the rest of the room is, I would feel like a prisoner yearning to escape to the outside world. Love the lack of cords, though. Wonder how they hid them.

  9. posted by Erin Doland on

    It looks to me like there are blinds at the top of the window. Also, the window could be facing north or south. If it’s facing east, and sirw82 only uses this as a home office, then it wouldn’t be a problem anyway.

  10. posted by karen on

    the “how realistic” question i have is: isn’t that chair going to mark up that beautiful floor?

  11. posted by Kerry on

    It looks a little sterile, sorry to be harsh. I’d be a bit depressed working in this room. There’s no personality to it other than a really nice looking window.

  12. posted by Mer on

    I agree with Kerry. I like uncluttered, but this looks completely cold. There’s nothing of the person who uses this room.

    Sometimes the uncluttering thing can be taken to an extreme.

  13. posted by Ryan on

    Extreme envy here. Very clean. I especially like the guitars that are on the other side of the office.


  14. posted by Adam on

    Very nice setup this is. So clean and no visible cords, I wish I could accomplish that. I also wish I had your floors.

  15. posted by Kris on

    If you look carefully, you can tell that the floor is laminate, not real hardwoods. I know .. we installed laminate flooring (Pergo) in our entire second floor in our old house. That chair won’t make even one scratch on that flooring.

  16. posted by Kris on

    And yes, I too like the guitars. You really have to look at all the pictures of that space to judge it properly, I think. It’s a wonderful space.

  17. posted by dominique on

    I agree with Kerry and Mer, not inviting at all. Barren is not inviting.

  18. posted by jeff zbar on

    A very clean and picture-perfect (literally) workspace. But I must agree with Patty that this Spartan design and set up would be sufficient for only a few folks. While the PC working area at my custom-built desk is much the same as that displayed here, and is just about as neat, to my right is a writing area strewn with papers and supplies and accoutrements that make this a “working” office. Shelves abound to keep stuff off my workspace, and I mounted my router and phone to the wall – just to tap “vertical” space.

    I will admit, though, that the view is a must-have element. Both for ergonomics (reducing eye strain) as well as letting the mind wander, being able to look outside helps keep me focused – and open.

    Truth be told, this space has “brand new” (and “no kids” for that matter) written all over it. Let’s check back in a few months 😉

  19. posted by Sharon on

    When did uncluttered become sterile and boring? No way, that room needs some character!

  20. posted by Kris on

    I’d love to see the workspaces of everyone who thinks this is barren and boring and spares. Seriously.

  21. posted by marissa on

    I don’t think it looks cluttered at all, but it’s not very pretty. The space is too plain. What about some shelving to get those file holders off the ground? A rug? Window coverings? Maybe some vintage art to go with the lava lamp? It’s an apartment so painting may not be an option…

  22. posted by Rudy on

    It’s always nice to have a blank canvas. I believe Patty is spot on when she said this is unrealistic. When I started with my home office, it was empty also. Bookshelves have a few books, desk has no paper, there was only 1 computer. Over the past 2 years, I’ve added two more computers (and peripherals), paperwork piled up, and I got heck of a lot more books. Plus my 2 year old will occasionally drop stuff on my desk from other rooms. I have to unclutter every other week to make it look spacious again.

  23. posted by ClickerTrainer on

    To me, that’s not so much uncluttered as it is empty. Apparently not much of a reader, either. No books.

  24. posted by Mellon on

    It’s very nice, but seem like there might be an echo in the room – so empty and atticy. Looks a little more staged than lived in. No offense intended.

  25. posted by Greg on

    I like the simplicity but have a couple of questions regarding practicality. For instance, unless sirw82 only works at the desk during daylight, where’s the lamp? I don’t think the lava lamp will be sufficient by itself. Also, doesn’t sirw82’s need a waste basket? Don’t mean to be overly critical. My point is that good practical workspace design in homes isn’t easy.

  26. posted by Greg on

    One more thing I just noticed missing – a phone. Unless sirw82 only uses his cell. But most of us still rely on land lines in the home and an office space without a phone isn’t really a workspace. Add a phone and lamp to the desktop and things start getting cramped fast. So while i admire the simplicity a few things are missing that most of us would need.

  27. posted by Sam on

    Thanks everyone!

    Wow, opinion is sharply divided.

    It’s been a pretty good workspace for me, but I can see that it wouldn’t suit everyone. My work involves very little paper, and I don’t tend to read books at my desk – that’s more of a lounge-based activity for me. I recognise that my tastes are more Spartan than most.

    Having said that, I’ve recently moved my office next door (literally – same apartment, different room) and made quite a few improvements, some of them based on your suggestions… I’ll post a set soon. Here’s a first pic:


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