Unitasker Wednesday: Doughnut maker

Doughnut Maker Mmmm…Doughnuts. I confess, I love those round little treats. I mean, who doesn’t? If you don’t, well more power to you, but I would imagine most of us feed our doughnut cravings every once in a while.

Indulging in a doughnut every once in a while is advisable, but making your own mini doughnuts could turn out to be a terrible move for your waistline. If you want to undertake doughnut making, Williams-Sonoma has you covered with the Mini Doughnut Maker.

Young cooks will have fun using this clever machine to create miniature cake doughnuts ready for decorating with their favorite toppings…Making seven little doughnuts is as easy as pouring batter into the wells of the machine and closing the lid.

Yes, they are suggesting turning this thing over to your children. What a great way to introduce the kiddies to the wonderful world of doughnut making! I’m sure they’ll get their fill of this contraption in about one use, and with measurements of 8″ x 10 1?2″ x 4″ high it will fit nicely in the cupboard of forgotten appliances.

** Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Maria on

    There are also trays you can use for this same purpose, along the line of muffin or cookie sheets.

  2. posted by Kris on

    We have one of the trays Maria mentioned and my husband uses it a few times a year (he’s the baker/cook). It works very well and stores very easily. I suggest it, rather than this contraption.

  3. posted by Ryan on

    All you need is a frying pan, oil and a can of store brand biscuits. Make the cheapo donuts! Yay.

  4. posted by Arlene on

    Of (maybe) general interest: Oprah’s doing a “hoarder intervention” on Thursday and Friday of this week.

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Arlene — Thanks! I’ll set the TiVo for that, too!

  6. posted by Simple Big Idea Business on

    Ingenious. This looks like a million dollar idea. It’s a modified George Forman grill.

  7. posted by Baly on

    Great, now I’m going to clutter my stomach with donuts..

  8. posted by Kate on

    I know, I know… but… I want one!

  9. posted by sylrayj on

    I accepted a mini-donut maker from my mother-in-law as a gift one year. I was quite amused to find, inside, a Happy Birthday note from her sister, which had obviously not been seen before. 🙂 I don’t know what I’m going to do with this thing next – probably offer it on Freecycle – but at least I did use it three times more than my mother-in-law did. *grin*

  10. posted by Paula on

    I’m with Ryan! A tin of refrigerator biscuits, an electric fry pan, some cooking oil, and a plastic baggie of sugar makes wonderful donuts. I learned that trick from my mother.

  11. posted by jt in the Army on

    The same company makes a tortilla maker, which my sister gave to me as a present 4 years ago. I used it 3 times the first year, once the second, after which it spent 2 years as a space waster in the kitchen.
    Proud to say with my latest move it has gone to Goodwill.

  12. posted by Jason on

    “What a great way to introduce the kiddies to the wonderful world of doughnut making!”

    I think you mean “wonderful world of burn wards”.

  13. posted by Betsy on

    My 6 year old got one for Christmas this year. (Thanks, big sister) We’ve tried two of the receipes and find that it doesn’t cook evenly. The bottom cooks to a golden brown while the top looks a bit uncooked. Any suggestions besides storage?

  14. posted by Sabrina Beganny on

    I am looking for a mini donut maker and can’t find one anywhere! WS is all sold out! Does anyone have one they don’twant?
    bri79 at MAC.com

  15. posted by Dana Basinger on

    Hey, I’m looking for one of these things too! I don’t want the frying kind I see selling everywhere. I want one of these! Please let me know if you find one I can buy! Thanks!
    [email protected]

  16. posted by Robyn on

    I’m looking for an electric mini doughnut maker. I have one from the 70’s, but it makes 2 at time. PLEASE HElp me find a mini donut maker. Or if anyone has any ideas as to where I can purchase. Williams Sonoma no longer carries it, they said perhaps in another year they will bring it back.

    [email protected]

  17. posted by xxx on


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