Not your average Murphy bed

A recent article in The New York Times led me to a fabulous Murphy bed producer called Zoom-Room:

This Murphy bed doesn’t fold down into the room, instead, it rolls upward and pushes into the cabinet. You’ll pay a pretty penny for one ($7K to $10K), but it’s so beautiful that it might be worth it in a small, urban efficiency or a dual-purpose home office. Be sure to check out all of the images here–they’re amazing!

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  1. posted by anon on

    what happened to the rug in the first pic? would you have to move it every night?

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    I imagine they just took the rug out of the picture so that you could see the bed better. In other pictures on the website there is carpet and they don’t pull it up or anything.

  3. posted by Tim on

    What’s up with the doctored GIF?

  4. posted by Angie on

    Ok, that video is hysterical. Enough with the dog, and did the guy need to be shirtless? I’m not complaining, but seriously 😉

  5. posted by allen on

    That is such a brilliant design! I’ve always loved the idea of a Murphy bed, but this is just a super-smart way to do it! I was already to be angry about the extra space needed behind the wall, but what they did was just inspiring!

  6. posted by Sharon on

    I can’t imagine that a bed that it that flexible is really comfortable. I would rather have a real Murphy bed witha good mattress. But then again, if you don’t want the company to stay to long…

  7. posted by Minnie on

    the website states the mattress is made of latex. Basically it’s like a Tempur-Pedic. Which cost a LOT and are super comfortable.
    They are however also HOT because they don’t breathe.
    But that’s a whole other story.
    So depending on which season it is; your guests will be quite happy. If they’re freeze-babies, they may never leave.
    It’s a good mattress.
    What an attractive idea for a small space!!!

  8. posted by Angela on

    I love this!

  9. posted by skitter on

    Does the bed have to be unmade? Are there prehaps clips to hold the blankets in place? Do you need a separate storage area for the pillows?

    I love the look of the picture you featured!!!! The TV ones not so much. I guess they are not designed for those who like to watch TV in bed – unless you used the footboard as a headboard.

  10. posted by tucker on

    skitter – i asked the EXACT same question to the folks at zoom-room via their website, but didn’t hear back. there MUST be some clips, right? i was looking at them for a studio i have in nyc. BRILLIANT DESIGN and GREAT for small spaces.

  11. posted by Aimee on

    That is one of the nicest options I have seen. What a great idea. Even without the bed that office space is amazing. I love it!

  12. posted by Jerry on

    @skitter/tucker: Found this on their FAQ, item 20: “You can leave a fitted sheet on your Zoom-Room. Other sheets and blankets must be removed when the mattress is retracted back into the cabinet.”

  13. posted by EduLinks - Tuesday 13 November « TheUniversityBlog on

    […] Unclutterer – Zoom Room Bed […]

  14. posted by Katie on

    To the first anon, also from the FAQs:
    “Note that it does not climb easily over throw rugs.”

    Although at first I liked the idea, to me, it seems like it might be a lot of hassle if you were using this as an every day bed in a small apartment (especially since you’d have to find a place to store your sheets and pillows during the day)… if it were solely for guest use, then the hassle is manageable, but the price seems too high to pay for just guest use.

  15. posted by Julie on

    We installed a murphy bed from this retailer:

    It’s been fantastic: we have a guest room that serves as an office equally well. The bed is comfy (I’ve slept on it myself–it’s wonderful when Hub is snoring and I need some quiet). You can fold it up with the bedding still on it–in fact, you can put fresh bedding on it a week before the guest arrives and just unfold it when needed.

  16. posted by Nancy on

    I love it! When they come out with the $1K version, I might just consider it, especially since my 2nd bedroom is my office & I’ve had to remove the bed from the room, leaving no place for guests.

    My only problem would be that I like to get up early & work, and my guests would still be sleeping in my office.

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