Set up a Flickr account for your little one

FlickrFlickr is a great tool for sharing photos online. It is easy to use and it is quite simply the best option for sharing photos of my daughter. Friends and relatives easily view photos of my growing 18 month old.

It cuts down on the guesswork of what photos people want and you no longer have to email people with updated photos in their inboxes. It is a great solution for those of you who are pressed for time when trying to keep some of your friends and relatives updated on your little one’s development. And, let’s be honest, some of your friends (mine included) probably don’t appreciate the huge emails you send them with 20 pics of your child.

For those of you who are worried about who looks at photos of your child, you have the option of keeping the photos private and then you can decide who looks at the photos. So, go ahead and set up an account and point your friends and family to the URL. You will no longer have to worry about letting people know how fast your little one is growing.

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  1. posted by Bjørn on

    Are you affiliated in any case with flickr? I like your Blog pretty much, but posts like that sound more like advertisement than usefull information.

  2. posted by jhensley on

    I’ve been using Flickr Pro for over 2 years now and it’s great. Not only is it convenient as you point out but it also gives you an offsite backup of all your photos so you don’t have to worry about a hard drive malfunction or house fire destroying all your photos.

    I just wish you could set a password protect feature you could use on certain sets so all your family didn’t have to sign up for an account to view your protected photos.

    I still highly recommend a Pro account.

  3. posted by Melissa A. on

    I like Flickr as well. I like that even if your friends and family aren’t members (and don’t want to joint), you can still email them a private URL to the photos. I have some stuff public and the rest is friends only anyway. Most of my family doesn’t use the internet, and I don’t think they want to see what I ate for supper anyway 😉

  4. posted by Valerie on

    > I just wish you could set a password protect feature
    > you could use on certain sets so all your family didn’t
    > have to sign up for an account to view your protected
    > photos.

    jhensley, you can share your protected photos with family without them needing an account. You can set up a “Guest Pass” for them that will allow them to see your photos that are set to “Friends” and/or “Family” only. What you do is go to the page of one of your sets, click on the “Share this set” link, and it will generate a “guest pass” link for you. While at this time you can only create a guest pass on the set level (as opposed to collection or whole photo stream level), if you choose the “Send the link yourself” option, you can also choose to allow that guest pass to give the recipient access to *all* of your protected photos, even the ones not in the set you started at. Check it out, it’s pretty neat! 🙂 (Flickr’s help section explains this in much clearer detail… but I just wanted to pass it along for those who didn’t know. 🙂 )

    I myself am not affiliated with Flickr, but I think it’s a great site and can’t blame the poster of this article for promoting it here. 🙂

  5. posted by Brett on

    I’ve actually found it pretty useful to tag all the pictures of my kids with their names. That way, I can just point people to /photos/inkedmn/tags/ instead of having to keep things separate.

    Just a thought, cheers

  6. posted by allen on

    @Brett: what a great idea! I’m sure it makes it easier, the larger your collection gets!

    Just wanted to say that there are a lot of mass-uploading options for those of you trying to upload a camera’s worth of photos of your little ones, or vacations up! I’m not affiliated in ANY way, other then being a user, but i use It’s a browser with a built in uploading feature, and it works on windows/mac/linux. There are a lot of other ones, but one of these types of programs can remove a lot of the pain in trying to get large collections up!

    I have to agree that the US$25 for the pro is a decent price to pay to have unlimited # of collections, as well. 😀

  7. posted by erick g on

    Blogger is good for this as well. They have a function to set it to private.

  8. posted by Ron on

    Valerie, thanks for posting that, as soon as I read the post headline, I knew I would probably want to leave a comment, partially to share the information you shared.
    Finally, your friends and family dont have to be members of flickr or yahoo to view your pics, like Valerie said just create a set, and in that set’s main page, click Share this set. The rest is fairly intuitive. The NICE thing about doing it that way is that even pics that are marked private will be shared. That way, you can keep the masses away from pics of the little one, and share them with just people you want to see the pics. Sadly, this is VERY necessary as MANY MANY flickr users who post pics of their kids are having issues with people from other countries and cultures, stealing the pics (right click, save as – its pretty easy) and using them, typically on their Orkut page, as their own profile pictures. Very weird, and very creepy. To be safe, make all photos of your kids private, then share them via the SHARE THIS SET link. I am still going through all mine and doing this…

    Also, good point about using flickr as a backup. Pro accounts have unlimited upload, and unlimited storage. So, upload everything to it! Just mark it private if you don’t want it showing up to your contacts and the rest of the flickr world.

  9. posted by mcglinch on

    You might want to try out the recently launched that offers unlimited FREE hosting of your photos with the ability to download them later if you need them. They allow public and private sharing, including ability to post images/slideshows in your blog/site.

    They also have great print prices & quality.

    I use them to host my drawings/doodles for my blog.

    full disclosure: i’ve done some research/UI work with the folks at ZoomIn.

  10. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Bjorn–We’re not affiliated with flickr in any way, except for being fans and users.

  11. posted by SpaceMonkeyX on

    We use Picasa – the free image organization and online album-maker from Google. You can setup private albums that only people you’ve sent a link to can see and they don’t have to sign up for anything to do so.

  12. posted by john d on

    suggestion: create a google account for your childs.
    this gives them picasaweb, gmail, blogger, …

  13. posted by philippe on

    I enjoy Flickr but I’ll never use it for my private photos, I’d rather use 2pad .
    I don’t want anybody to be able to see my family photos. I want to decide exactly who will get them and I want to personalize the comments according to each recipient. In this case she will not have problem with Virgin. Flickr is public 2Pad is Private
    Then I use

  14. posted by Laura on

    Flickr is pretty nice, but I use I can put my photos up in “albums” and put up as many as I want, there’s lots of privacy settings (for instance, I have our journal public but comments private) and other neat kid related things. (e.g. growth chart, tooth chart, picture puzzler, etc.) I’ve seen other theBABYjournal users pages who still use flickr for some things and link to it on their page, but I just don’t see the need… tBj is much easier to use imho.

  15. posted by Helen Jane on

    Even easier for tech-averse relatives — My husband set up a redirect from (obvs not the url) to only feed photos from Flickr tagged with her name. So all our relatives need to do is bookmark her url and they can keep up to date on photos.

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