Workspace of the Week: A view of Cinci

This week’s Workspace of the Week is ekalb’s’s tranquil desk.

Spring in Cincinnati

I guess I’m a sucker for views, but man I’d love to have such a nice view from my window. Every time you get stuck working, you can look up for inspiration. Ekalb writes that according to Wikipedia, the big building we see is “The Carew Tower [in Cincinnati], built before the Empire State Building was conceived, served as the basis for the design of the larger Empire State Building.”

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  1. posted by Lester on

    Man, I miss my old fifteenth-floor apartment in Portland. Oh to live high up in the city again. The view was amazing, and it had huge windows from which I could see three bridges. Now all I can see are mountains and lakes. Stupid Alaska. (Of course I’m being facetious; if there’s anything I love about Alaska – and I do love Alaska – it’s the scenery)

  2. posted by Lester on

    Also, that’s a beautiful view ekalb’s got. And I wish my desk was as uncluttered.

  3. posted by Jana on

    This picture seems very familiar – I am pretty sure that pictures of ekalb’s whole apartment including the outside of the building and other window views were featured on the apartment therapy site some time last year, and if I remember correctly ekalb’s whole place and surroundings were really beautiful (and uncluttered).

  4. posted by black rabbit on

    Dang. I moved out of Downtown after ten years not three months ago, and this post isn’t helping my withdrawal any. Man, I miss Findlay.

  5. posted by Nancy on

    Wow! With that lighting & that view, it looks like the idea spot for a romantic dinner, not a workspace ;-). Even the jar of coins adds an elegant touch in that lighting.

  6. posted by Ryan on

    I’d love a city view, but I wouldn’t want to live in the city. Nice setup.

  7. posted by Kerry on

    Wow…very nice, very calm.

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