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JournalKeeping a blog, digital photography journal, or a written journal detailing your uncluttering efforts can be a great way to stay on track with your organization efforts. Whether you’re trying to get things organized in your home or office, recording your improvements can be a worthwhile endeavor. For one thing, if you start to slip in your routines, it is good to have an outlet where you can review what you have already done.

Keeping a record of your improvements also can be fun. Think about weighing the clutter you remove from your home and keeping a “pounds lost” list. Write goofy poems about the things you find (“Ode to the single sock”). Video the transformation and then edit it into a 30 second speed film.

Uncluttering can be fun and stress relieving, and recording your success is a great way to stay on track with your progress.

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  1. posted by Eric on

    Ok, totally OT except you have a moleskine pictures there… WTF do people use to write on the covers of these damn things!?! I Like to personalize my journals, but the faux leather on these beasts seems to repel everything I’ve thrown at it including metallic sharpies.

    Any ideas?

  2. posted by SpiKe on

    Not so much a journal, but I am currently experimenting with a chart that lists each room along with every cleaning task (hoovering, dusting etc) and all the areas that regularly need decluttering (shelves, drawers etc). It covers a monthly period and I simply tick each task off as I complete it. Certainly nothing revolutionary and the uninitiated have said it’s a bit OTT, but I’ve found it’s especially good for keeping on track, and I now do a lot more things around the house simply so i can tick more stuff off.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Eric — In the past, I have done two things with mine. I’ve recovered them using fabric, brown paper, or some other cool paper ( I’ve also used the wrapper (like the green one pictured) as a template and made my own. I soft laminated mine with clear packing tape to prevent it from tearing.

  4. posted by Janet on

    Nice idea to help keep you motivated, but isn’t this inherently just cluttering your decluttering process?

  5. posted by jesse on

    I agree with Janet – doing so online would not only be less clutter but it would also afford you the easier option of before/after pictures of your apt.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Jesse — I agree that online and digital recording is the best way to go. However, you’re not always near a computer and the old fashion pen and paper system might work best for others 🙂

  7. posted by Andamom on

    Personally, I blog about things that I am doing, plan to do, or have done in the past. I only do this when I think my commentary would be useful to others (or interesting at the very least). I agree that too much thought can be given to uncluttering and that is indeed the polar opposite of what is trying to be achieved in living an uncluttered life.

    That said, I’ve recently found some great blogs of people who comment here. Some of these people do this for a living while other people are just interesting… I like to read and get hints from everyone.

  8. posted by Lorie Marrero on

    Funny you should mention the weighing how many pounds are lost…Our Clutter Diet® site gives people a “clutter weight loss” program where our system tracks how many “Clutter-Pounds”(sm) have been lost that week! We give our members a weekly plan of projects set up like a menu, with a “Main Dish” project, 2 “Side Dish” projects, a “Sensible Snack” task, and a “Dessert” reward. Our team of professional organizers provides consultations in our message board forums for our members as well. We really believe that people can do a lot on their own and they just need a little help to get unstuck and motivated. Thanks! – Lorie

  9. posted by Kim on

    I don’t think I’ll journal or record how much I’ve decluttered because I get enough joy out of seeing it. Looking at a decluttered home is evidence of success for me.

  10. posted by Old Lady on

    I just started a blog to keep a record of my own decluttering activities. i’ve been finding the decluttering process more difficult than I thought it would be, even though I really want to get rid of a lot of my stuff, which is the name of my blog. I am committed to getting rid of at least one thing everyday, and usually more than that. I find blogging about my decluttering efforts to be a good discipline to keep me going. I’ve been catching up with some of your archive posts and am really enjoying your blog.

  11. posted by Mr Yap on

    that another one way to add more clutter to your life first to waste time to “stay on track with your organization efforts”

    Second,look for ways to store and keep your journal be it hard or soft copy… additional clutter indeed

  12. posted by Jasi on

    again you seem to miss the point of uncluttering a lifestyle. fabulous.

  13. posted by Kate on

    Yep, I’m going for it too – click on my name for my blog. I’ve just started… lots still to do!

    Keep inspiring me Uncluttered.

    (Also, dear, would you mind if I linked to your blog on my blogroll? pweeeese?)

  14. posted by Kate on

    lol, I can’t spell pirate… grrr – – link is now correct on my name…

    Hmm… I need a de-cluttered blog template methinks!

  15. posted by Unclutterer » Archive » October wrap up on

    […] Record your uncluttering activities […]

  16. posted by Elizabeth on

    Ummmm…. In theory, I think it might be a cute idea, but as someone who hates the process of uncluttering to begin with (a necessary, boring evil), I hardly think I’d like to take more time to write a blog about it or record my efforts.

  17. posted by Ken on

    Cool idea! Loved it. I started using GTD to promote myself into making uncluttering an habit, basically would change the context in my pocketpc (one context por every area of my apt) and then went around completing the tasks assigned everytime I moved into the “context”: i.e. Laundry room. 1.If anything inside dry machine put in basket, 2. if anything in dirt bin put on washing machine,etc. It worked after two weeks I basically do everything on automatic!

  18. posted by Jen on

    Buying, and storing cute little notebooks is part of how I arrived at this blog to begin with…I can’t have on more little record of anything…I need a record keeping bonfire over here.

  19. posted by scotia on

    …classic steno books are a great way to organize a busy life. Buying a pack of them is inexpensive and each one can be dedicated to certain tasks such as: home and gardening decor; travel plans; family medical info; financial planning/budgeting; journaling; etc, or, just use one for everything and date and file away when filled. I also keep one at each phone/computer station. Steno books are big enough to store lots of misc. info but small enough to fit in most briefcases/purses/etc.

  20. posted by Jan - queenofkaos on

    I like to take before and after pictures of places to declutter because seeing a picture really gives you an outsiders view.

    What you may think looks ok because you’ve become used to it can look like a train wreck in a photo.

    And it helps me to decide what to tackle, or to make some kind of plan for declutter day, which I do once per week (not all day, even a short session sees results over time)

    That said, I don’t always take pictures, sometimes it’s obvious :0)

    Also, I don’t think a notebook would work for me because as was mentioned, I already have too many notebooks and I’d rather spend the time recording, decluttering.

    But it can be incentive for anyone having problems feeling like they are getting anywhere, used that way it could be a valuable tool.

    Online with pictures could be even better though, there are many online storage/journaling services.

  21. posted by Bakari on

    A journal is alright if you need that, but really it comes down to simply letting go and getting it done. It took me over two years to finally do something about my office. It took me that long because one, I was letting go, and two, because I couldn’t see clearly how to get the job done. I didn’t need to write it all down in order to make it happen. I needed to get my lazy butt one morning and just start acting on it. It was that simple.

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