Unitasker Wednesday: The butter cutter

One of the luxurious benefits of eating a catered meal is, of course, the pat of butter that one receives to put on your bread. I always enjoy getting my own personal pat of butter and I longed for the day that I could do the same in the comfort of my own home.

Enter the Butter Cutter. Now pats of butter are available for the masses. Don’t settle for using a butter knife to retrieve your butter, simply cut a whole stick of butter into uniform pats that will make everyone’s meal that much easier.

** Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by bob on

    Actually, couldn’t this come in handy if you do a lot of baking and need the butter at room temp when baking? The smaller pats will warm up faster than a whole stick or whatever.

    Also, looking at my roll this morning I am saddened by my non-perfect pats of butter.

  2. posted by Amanda Himelein on

    It’s clearly a dieting device. Pre-cut pats of butter prevent you from loading up your toast with saturated fat. πŸ™‚

  3. posted by CodyP on

    Gizmodo has a much more useful butter cutter posted today

  4. posted by missdona on

    As silly as it is, I love my butter cutter. I sliced up a stick this morning.

  5. posted by jehb on

    It also seems to me that this particular unitasker doesn’t take up any more real refrigerator shelf space than the device it replaces – a butter tray. Yes, it may be fairly pointless, but no more cluttering.

  6. posted by Zach on

    I don’t think I’d consider it a dieting device…those pats of butter look huge relative to the amount of butter one normally uses!

    I’m sure the added surface area created by pre-slicing the butter helps prevent spoilage and keeps the butter from picking up any extra nastiness from the fridge…


  7. posted by Zach on

    Blarg…my sarcasm tags on the 2nd paragraph didn’t show up… πŸ™


  8. posted by urban bohemian on

    I don’t know, I think the unitask category might apply in advertising and name only. I could think of many things this could be used for in the kitchen.

    Velveeta anyone? πŸ™‚

  9. posted by Cody on

    Aah! What happens if I’m eating a particularly small piece of bread, and need a particularly small pat of butter?

    I think it’s time they made small, medium, and large butter cutters.

  10. posted by Aisha on

    wouldn’t this work for hardboiled eggs and tomatoes, too?

  11. posted by doris on

    No eggs with a butter cutter please! You need the original egg slicer, have a look at Googles images :-)) We loved our one, but you definetely need one of these snack trays as well.

  12. posted by bobbquackenbush on

    Use an egg cutter for butter, eggs of course, for mushrooms, small pieces of cheese, and garlic.

  13. posted by bethany on

    I love Unitasker Wednesday, and imagine my surprise to see something I actually think I could use. It is only because my kids spread butter like it’s cream cheese and we run out so fast! But they will soon grow up and I would be stuck with one more thing cluttering up my kitchen.

  14. posted by Ellen on

    I actually have a butter cutter, acquired free at our town’s swap shed, and use it now and then; it’s best when I’m making a big pot of something (triple or quadruple batch of risotto, f’rinstance) and need to melt butter in a hurry. Slice, toss in, and presto, the butter’s all ready!

    Mine’s flat, though, so it fits neatly in a drawer, and it *was* free. I wouldn’t recommend one to most people πŸ™‚

  15. posted by thisisbeth on

    I have a butter cutter in my kitchen for cutting small pats of butter for faster melting, or for when I have guests. Of course, I call it a “knife” and I can only cut one pat of butter at a time (or anything else).

  16. posted by jt in the army on

    this looks like it would come in handy for those who host dinner parties or run small catering businesses out of their kitchens.

  17. posted by Jez on

    A month late, but I found the link I was looking for today:

  18. posted by Yeah Man on

    I use mine all the time. It makes slices less than a tablespoon worth. I also use it to slice ripe bananas. I bend a peeled banana in two and press the halves onto the butter slicer. Then I have perfectly sliced bananas, too. So it isn’t a unitasker after all.

  19. posted by Suzanne on

    I am generally opposed to unitaskers. But I have to say I own a butter cutter and I do love it. To make it even more of a travesty – it’s only used on holidays.

    It’s mostly sentimental for me. My mom had one and every holiday I would slice the butter with it and arrange beautiful little plates of butter to be placed at either end of the table. It made the meal feel somehow fancier and more special. And when I got a home of my own, I just had to spend the $2 or whatever it was on my very own butter cutter. I’ve culled almost all useless stuff from my utensils but this one will have a permanent home.

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