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The best cure for clutter is to avoid it. That’s why I always try to sell a gadget when I buy a new one to replace it. This way I don’t end up with drawers full of old cell phones and half-megapixel cameras. To this end, eBay and Craigslist are modern miracles you should certainly employ. But if they have any drawbacks, it’s that you have to spend time marketing your items nicely so they will sell well, and then you have to manage the transactions with the buyers.

Well, if you want to avoid these potential hassles, check out, a service brought to my attention by Leo Laporte on MacBreak Weekly. Basically you visit the site, search and find the gadget you want to sell, rate its condition (e.g. do you have the original manuals and cables, is it nicked or scratched), and it calculates a trade in value for the item. If you’re happy with the offer, you schedule a free package pick-up with DHL and send it to them. They inspect it and if everything is as you described it, they mail you a check or credit your PayPal account. That’s it. Nothing else to do.

You’ll probably get less money for your gadget this way than you would buy selling it yourself, but the difference is convenience. What they do with your gadget is a mystery I couldn’t solve, but I imagine they sell them on eBay or a similar market. (If you have an idea, let us know.)

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  1. posted by Julie on

    I just checked this out– I recently switched from TMobile to Cingular and had a Razr lying about. $43 with very little effort; not bad!

  2. posted by Joshua on

    Great in concept- questionable in application. That pretty much sums up my experience with second rotation so far. I shipped them two items- an old Nokia 6800 and a Sony DSC-P32 camera I don’t need anymore. The Nokia sold fine, but I ran into a few problems with the camera… First, they tried to say the zoom was broken(which it wasn’t as the zoom only functions at lower resolutions on that camera) and offered me only 10 dollars. Thankfully, they re-evaluated my item after emailing them, and the conceded that it was in fact in good working condition. However, they still credited me 10 dollars only without my consent and I’ve been emailing/calling them for nearly 2 weeks to get this resolved…

  3. posted by Melissa on

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this. Anybody know of a similar service for home accessories. A way to sell nice, great condition home accessories (without having a yard sale)???

  4. posted by Thomasina on

    “If the user agrees to the price, Second Rotation provides a shipping label and pays for the item to be shipped to Waltham, where it is then inspected. If everything checks out, the company pays the user within 10 days and then lists the item for sale on a website such as eBay or Craigslist.”

  5. posted by Cliff on


    Now if only they’d deal with all the other clutter aside from my gadgets. Old bike, guitar, collection of 1950s safety razors, my parents hats, the spare pens that don’t work …

  6. posted by Dylan Hunter on

    @Joshua, first, wanted to apologize for the difficulties we had with your phone, and second, to confirm that as of 10/4, you’ve received your payment. If not, or if you have any other issues, feel free to contact me directly, ([email protected]) and we’ll get things taken care of. Thanks! 🙂

  7. posted by Betsbillabong on

    The prices seem low, and not just b/c I’m bummed that my electronic goods go down in value 😉

    I was surprised that my G4 15″ powerbook (1.5mHz) was only worth $400. They’re selling on ebay for far more than that.

    I guess it’s a better deal with phones…

  8. posted by Blogspace of Eric Brodeur » SecondRotation for when eBay is too much trouble on

    […] my home, The Salvation Army or the e-waste bin at Best Buy rather than selling it on eBay. However, a recent post at Uncluttered has changed my […]

  9. posted by Edward Schaeffer on

    My recent experience with this company was very poor. I sent in a 8100 RIM Pearl Blackberry that had hardly been used. It was in fine working order and had no visible problem in any way. I received the verification email after they got the phone telling me that they wanted to give me $0 instead of the $123 I was estimated. I understand they may have some strange standard we do not understand, but at least they could have responded to the email and voice mail I left them almost four days ago. I just wanted an answer. I canceled my order and now at this point I feel they are scamming some people. I hope I get my phone back so I sell it to a more reputable group, but I also feel the chances of this are slim. Oh well live and learn. I hope everyone that thinks about using this service reads these comments and at least considers the comments before going all the way.

  10. posted by Dylan Hunter on

    @Edward/Cordelia, (we have you down as Cordelia, if this is not the case, please let me know). Apologies for any difficulties. According to our inspectors, on 2007-10-22, the reason your Pearl was marked down to $0/unsaleable was that when they inspected it, they found that the trackball that is its central input device did not work at all in the left direction. As such, we could not legitimately resell it to another person, so offered to either recycle it for you, or return it, free of charge, (i.e. we pay for shipping from you, and if you disagree with our assessment, no matter the reason, we pay for shipping back out to you).

    As of today, 2007-10-26, (4 days after you were informed of the disparity, and chose to have it returned), it is awaiting pickup by one of our shipping companies to be sent back to you. You should have it by end of day next Tues. If next Wed morning comes and you don’t have it, please contact me directly – dylan [at] secondrotation [dot] com.



  11. posted by mrproper in chatsworth on

    hello dylan @ secondrotation.

    if everything goes well as stated this is a great idea.

    do you have a limit on the quality items one can recycle/sell?

  12. posted by mrproper in chatsworth on

    hi dylan @

    sorry, i meant, have you set a limit to the quantity of great quality items to sell/recycle?

  13. posted by Online Pawn Shop on

    I like the idea, but I think there is just going to be too much junk on the site.


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