September wrap up

Let’s take a few moments to remember some of the things that made September 2007 a great month at

September’s most popular posts:

Additional highlights:

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  1. posted by Joyful Abode on

    Congratulations on a great month full of growth!
    I was wondering though, how do you track the month’s most popular posts? What stats program do you use? I’d like to try a similar thing on my site.

    Stay uncluttered and simple!

  2. posted by Erin at Unclutterer on

    @Joyful — Honestly, it doesn’t much matter which web traffic software program you use. They all have their own sets of flaws, so find one whose interface you like and stick with it. What matters most is that you consistently use the same program so that you compare apples to apples. You want your evaluation standards to be the same across the board. Google analytics ( seems to be the popular system right now, but it’s not what we use.

  3. posted by Joyful Abode on

    Hmm… ok. I use Google Analytics right now, and as far as I can see, it doesn’t let you break up the data into months. Maybe I’m missing it though, because that seems like it should be a simple/popular thing to do.

    Thanks for the quick reply! And congratulations on the nomination for best blog about stuff.

  4. posted by Erin at Unclutterer on

    @Joyful Abode — Yeah, each system has flaws. The other popular system now is WebTrends, but you’ll need to install it directly onto your web server. Talk to your IT team … if your website is housed at a server farm, WebTrends or a similar program may already be installed on your server.

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