Review: Tiny Living in NYC

When a reader suggested that we review a store in New York City that caters to space-saving customers, we gave a Manhattan writer a call to see if she could help us. Everyone welcome Ayn-Monique Tetreault-Rooney to the Unclutterer review crew!

Don’t live in a McMansion? Check out Tiny Living for ideas and products to maximize your minimal space. This appropriately small New York store (it’s only about 10′ wide and 20′ deep) carries all sorts of things to keep your home and office neat and tidy.

The well-chosen selection includes objects that are either smaller than usual or multifunctional. Saving space in the kitchen? Opt for a combo coffee-maker and toaster oven. Getting your finances in order? A mini-calculator magnetic clip will keep your bills in view (and make splitting shared statements a breeze). Bestsellers include salt and pepper mills with grinders shaped like bunny ears and hanging purse racks in on-trend patterns and colors.

Don’t worry if you can’t get to the Big Apple to shop–this two-year-old store has a large inventory on its website and is adding things by the week. It even offers a few things online, like modern desks and clean-lined loveseats, that just don’t fit into the brick-and-morter outlet. Tiny Living is worth a visit if you’re in need of outfitting your home or office with space-saving items.

You can visit Tiny Living at 125 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009 or online at Here is a peek into their showroom:

5 Comments for “Review: Tiny Living in NYC”

  1. posted by Tanya on

    I LOVE this store! In fact, after I purchased several items from them online, I e-mailed them about how happy I am they are in business.

    I haven’t been able to find their niche of tiny items like this anywhere. Their products are not only unique but also affordable.

  2. posted by Samantha on

    I am a little frustrated that there are photos of folding stepladders on their site, but none for sale.

  3. posted by jason on

    Ayn-Monique Tetreault-Rooney welcome!

    any chance of uncluttering the name 😉

  4. posted by Ashby on

    If you live outside of teeny-friendly NYC, chances are you have The Container Store nearby, which also has at least 5 of the items from the picture and a lot of other space-expanding goods.

    Cool store, though.

  5. posted by jeanne solberg on

    I went to store-I dont see what the big deal is-most of the stuff I can and have found cheaper at container store just stupid small magnets and other junk. salesperson ignored me. funny how that can happen in such a small store. but I wish them luck.

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