Unitasker Wednesday: The SnacDaddy

Two readers, Ann and John, e-mailed us the SnacDaddy Unitasker after seeing it featured on Woot!:

Eating chicken wings can be a messy business, but it doesn’t have to be. The SnacDaddy wing tray is the innovative new tray specially engineered to hold chicken wings and hide the leftover bones.

Apparently, using two dinner plates (one for the uneaten wings and one for the leftover bones) is not a good serving idea because the plates aren’t “engineered to hold chicken wings” the way SnacDaddy is. See, with the SnacDaddy, you pick up a wing, dip it in the sauce, eat the wing, move the sauce, put the bone in the sauce hole, and then replace the sauce. It’s so easy! This device also has the capacity to hold 15 wings at a time! My dinner plates can handle 25 to 30, which must be way too many at a time for a hungry crowd.

How did we get along without the SnacDaddy before now?

On a pseudo serious note, I can actually see how the SnacDaddy would be a good product for use in a sports bar or restaurant that regularly serves chicken wings. As a former food service worker, I could see how the hidden bones would make clearing a table a more pleasant experience. However, with its 13″ diameter and 4″ depth, Ann and John are correct in suggesting that it’s serious overkill and clutter for your home.

** Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

17 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The SnacDaddy”

  1. posted by Rhea on

    Hey, I like that. But I never make chicken wings. I think restaurants ought to stock up on these, however.

  2. posted by LazyLightning on

    wow! I love how there’s a single compartment for each wing. lol!!!

  3. posted by jason on

    This is one of the stupidest of the unitaskers yet featured because it is not even really effective, keeping the wings seperate will not make you less messy it just makes the wings less saucy, and if you want dry wings you don’t even need it, god i hate stupid kitchen stuff.

  4. posted by Andy on

    If you go to the snacdaddy website it says it holds more than 15 bones. I agree, restaurants need to have these.

  5. posted by Kalpana on

    If it wasn’t for the Snacdaddy I would never have met my husband.
    Okay, that’s a stretch…but honestly, I bought one of these in Skymall a while ago and used them at a party. It was a huge hit.

  6. posted by Meredith on

    My life partner and I refuse to even eat meat. I think the idea of killing an animal for food is ridiculous and anyone who makes a tray designed around chicken wings should have to suffer the same fate as the birds they continually slaughter. Lesbians choose LIFE! Not wing trays!

  7. posted by Ashley on

    Actually if you read more about it you can see that the Snacdaddy can hold vegetables as well. It’s a serving tray. I may be a bit OCD but I can’t stand when people leave toothpicks and table litter on our catering tables. Put the damn toothpicks in the hole people! From an organizational stand point it’s perfect for my catering business and cleans up the tables really nicely. What I need now is a husband who understands the toilet seat phenomena and life would be perfect!

  8. posted by supersocco on

    re: Meredith. How about some spicy tofurkey wings?

  9. posted by carnivore on

    Meredith: What exactly justifies you judging people based on something they do that brings no harm to you? I would think that as a lesbian you would advocate people minding their own buisness.

  10. posted by disconnect on

    This was my original comment: “Not to mention that the wings will cool off a lot faster because of the increased surface area.”

    However, I revised it for Meredith: “Not to mention that the TASTY, YUMMY, CRUNCHY AND YET CHEWY SWEET SPICY MEAT FROM THE DELICIOUS OPPRESSED ANIMAL THAT HAD ITS HEAD CUT OFF SIMPLY BECAUSE I WASN’T FAT ENOUGH AND DECIDED I NEEDED TO HAVE A BEER AND SOME wings will cool off a lot faster because of the increased surface area.”

    Seriously, though, just as very few of the lumberjacks I’ve known were transvestites, only one of the lesbians I’ve known was a vegetarian. Oh, and P.S., LESBIANS CAN’T REPRODUCE. That’s like 180 degrees away from “choosing life”.

  11. posted by disconnect on

    Wow, that’s pretty harsh-looking. Sorry, it was meant a lot more tongue-in-cheek.

  12. posted by immature on

    did anyone else laugh at the phrase “put the bone in the sauce hole”?

  13. posted by Lazy Lightning on

    immature —

    Not until now. LOL!!

  14. posted by Nikki on

    If everyone picks up the sauce thing after eating a wing, wouldn’t the sauce thing get really gross?

  15. posted by Lee2706 on

    Meredith – so if killing an animal for food is ridiculous, what about all of those people living in poor, developing countries where they cannot really choose what they eat. They eat what they can to survive; if it means killing a chicken, by all means do it so you can live another day.

    I don’t fault you for being vegan, vegetarian, ovo-lactose free, whatever. But don’t judge the millions of people around the world whose decision to eat meat is based on survival not politics.

    On a lighter note, this tray is idiotic. At least when using plain old plates/bowls, you can see how many of these delicious MEATY wings from a defenseless DEAD CHICKEN you’ve eaten. Then you can decide to eat more or less to your heart’s content! This tray tries to make it too clean; the whole point of chicken wings is that they are messy. What fun is a clean wing eating experience?

  16. posted by lizardlady on

    The CNN documentary, Killing America, showed people ate 14% more chicken wings in a single seating when the bones were removed from site. While this product might ‘control portion size’ it does not support the view into what you have already eaten.

  17. posted by BrentAnd on

    I love this idea. I’m buying one off their site as soon as I get done posting this. Lesbians should love the big hole in the middle… vegetarian or otherwise.

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