Sleek way to hide kitty litter box

via Apartment Therapy:

The Kitty Washroom from Sky Mall is certainly an uncluttered kitty potty solution:

With $100 price tag, I imagine that a homemade version would be kinder on the pocketbook. Plus, the self-cleaning litter box that I use wouldn’t fit inside this cabinet. It is, however, wonderful inspiration for those of us with cats!

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  1. posted by Louise on

    We have used the homemade version of this in the last several places we’ve lived. By choosing a larger cabinet, the automatic litter boxes will fit (we use LitterMaid brand.)

    Buy a cat flap, cut a hole in the side of the cabinet so it isn’t as obvious, and put in the litter box. Open the cabinet doors, insert cat, close door. The first thing the cat sees is their box, then they notice the flap to exit. Cats like dark, small places and our last three cats have been just fine with this arrangement.

    Obviously, you can’t keep anything else in that cabinet, especially the kind of cleaning products typically stored in lower bathroom cupboards.

    In our RV, the litterbox is in a storage bay underneath the bathroom cabinet. The cats drop down through a hole in the floor of the cupboard into a space that is about a foot tall. This arrangement not only hides the box, it keeps litter from tracking into our living space and allows us to clean the box from outside the RV.

    If you’re interested, photos here:

  2. posted by Jon on

    Fancy covered cat boxes are nice, but what I hate is how the cats track the litter everywhere. Here’s another solution that I found, but it’s pretty expensive: A home brewed (and more attractive) version will be in my house soon.

  3. posted by sally on

    So instead of one item to accommodate the cat’s needs, you have two. How is that less clutter, exactly? (It looks much nicer, though, I’ll give you that.)

  4. posted by Erin at Unclutterer on

    @sally — It’s not about numbers of things (I’m not an ascetic minimalist), it’s about things having a “place” to live. In this case, the kitty washroom provides a living space for the litter box. It keeps the litter box out of the flow of traffic in a room, encases the mess that is inevitably tracked around the box, and it honors your cat with a “permanent” place in your home. It’s not for everyone … just an idea …

  5. posted by jchumanerecipe on

    I think it’s a good idea – it creates a usable countertop on something that is usually wasted surface space. I wouldn’t fill it with something but it’s nice if you need more counterspace in your bathroom. If I am doing anything in there I throw stuff on the toilet set or toilet tank lid precariously (getting dressed, hair stuff, when I bring cleaning supplies in there, etc.)

  6. posted by Kari on

    Here is a litterbox hidden in a houseplant. I have been meaning to buy this for years. If anyone has this please let me know!

  7. posted by Ryan on

    I owned a cat for a short while earlier this year. I had to get rid of it because of the evil, neocon Homeowner’s Association and their communist ways. But in the short time that I owned Boomkin (yep, WoW geek) finding a place for the litter box was difficult.

    All of the rooms in my house are frequented, and I didn’t want cat litter eeeverywhere. I argued with my roommate that we should put it in his room since his room smelled bad anyhow.

    I just got rid of the cat (MeBox style!). Gave him too my roommate’s parents. They’re rich, got a huge mansion and a ranch. With cows and stuff. My roommate’s room still smells though.

  8. posted by Ana on

    my cat uses the toliet. some people are impresses, some grossed out. we used this

  9. posted by t-mag on

    All my cats just went outside. No litter. No mess. No finding a place for the box. Might not work in the city or apartment but worked for us.

  10. posted by Kristin on

    We use an 18 gallon rubbermaid bin. Yes, a bin. Cut a hole on the top and voila .. can box. The hole on the top eliminates the dogs getting into it and really cuts down on litter tracking everywhere.

    $5 at Lowes. Cheaper at Walmart. Litter boxes are one of the most overpriced items on the planet. Making your own is a much better solution, in my opinion.

    And we have seven cats.

  11. posted by Kristin on

    make that ‘cat’ box, not ‘can’ box. Oy.

    Also, while I think the shelf is pretty, it seems to make more clutter than needed and for a hefty price tag. I know that I try to keep my cat boxes out of main areas .. like bathrooms. I don’t want to be in there and have to smell that odor when the cat goes. Our litter boxes are in the laundry room, mud room and garage so we aren’t inundated with foul odors when the cats eliminate.

    This doesn’t seem to be an unclutterer item .. it looks like more furniture I just don’t need.

  12. posted by Kristin on

    And who on EARTH would hang their nasty litter box scoop next to the HAND TOWEL!


  13. posted by Erin at Unclutterer on

    @Kristin — I didn’t notice the litter box scoop until you pointed to it. “Ew” is right! So, if any of our readers use this suggestion, please don’t put a hand towel next to a littler box scoop … ew, ew, ew!

  14. posted by Andrew on

    I remembered this from earlier: “She presents hacks that are kitschy-useful, like Sara Madole’s bright green rolling cat litter box (Ikea hackers seem to be overwhelmingly cat people), which Ms. Madole, a 27-year-old law school graduate who lives in Houston, said she built from two Ikea Snack boxes.” from the NYTimes article: Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed

    Might be helpful to some.

  15. posted by LazyLightning on

    Wow, that rubbermaid bin idea is great!

  16. posted by terikay on

    I happen to have the houseplant litter box and I love it! We recently moved into a small apt. and I don’t like the idea of litter grit on the bathroom floor. yuck! As there is no utility room where we had kept the litter box before, when I saw this I had to have it! It is in my living room, if you can beleive that!, and therefore is kept sifted and cleaned on a regular basis. If not, Snikkerz reminds me. I have three cats and babysat one other for two weeks and you can’t tell I have a cat at all as there is no sign or odor. (also, thanks to Fresh Step!) It blends with the decor and its stoneware appearance is classic. Look around, tho’, my total cost with shipping was less than the cost of the one shown. Expensive yes, but well worth the price as it is easy to wash and sanitize between changings and very durable. Kudos to the inventor of this!!

  17. posted by ScottK on

    In the last year and a half we downsize from a 3000+ sf home in Ohio to a 1550 sf place in California. We had 3 spayed cats, and one did not get along with the other two, so we had two separate boxes in very separate parts of the house.

    We had one of these hideaway/table litter boxes, and if you have the right kind of cat they are great. Sadly, our 11-year-old longhair with a kidney problem was not that cat. If your cat has any trouble whatsoever staying inside the box, it will eventually ruin the base, either with the smell or the liquid permeating the particle board and rusting out the metal cam-and-bolt connectors that keep the parts together.

    And, yes, we also tried the houseplant litter box for the other two. Neither of them are large cats, but both had issues getting in and out of the opening, and even with the specialized liners you need for this box, they still had problems staying in the clay. Fortunately, it’s easy to hose down, but quite frankly, it was more trouble than it was worth.

    Two of our cats passed away since we moved here, and the remaining cat now uses a high-backed plastic pan from Target. It looks like a regular low pan in the front, but the sides and back rise to about 18″ tall, and it accommodates standard large liners. It cost about $7, and is easily the best-designed pan I have ever seen. Everything stays inside and it makes a gross job tolerable. I wish it had existed years ago — I would have changed the litter more often if we had it.

  18. posted by en-jay-aitch on

    I’m sorry, I’m chiming in very late … but I saw the litter scoop immediately, but didn’t go ‘ew.’ I thought the hand towel was for the kitty.

  19. posted by Jana on

    If you have a Linen’s and Things, they are going out of business and carry Kitty Washroom. I got it for $55. Going to set it up and if it works, will get another one (we have two cats). I don’t have a basement and the litter boxes are now in the guest room which doesn’t work out so well when you have guests.

  20. posted by Kay on

    lol..I notice the scooper too. I’ve been on of this for a long time. I recently moved out of state and a house w/out a basement. I put the litter box in the kitchen (since I rarely cook or eat in it) but when my parents were in town they were not thrilled eating with the litter box in site. They moved the box outside until they were done eating. Well, I did picked one up at Linen’s and Things at the bargin close out price $55. Looks so much better now. Two colors were available in white and mahoganey.

  21. posted by Caroline on

    I swear I have looked at every litter hider on the internet. (Ebay, web sites, etc.) Nothing seemed right. Finally I decdided to commission someone in my neighborhood. Definitely a hole in the market!

  22. posted by Peter on

    I recently purchased a Designer Catbox for my kitty Max. He loves it and it fits in my apartment like a nice piece of furniture. No one ever knows it’s there until I tell them. I don’t have a ton of room so I keep it in my living room, but it keeps it nicely hidden. My cat had no problem using it and it keeps litter from being tracked outside the litter pan. Here is the website if you’re interested. Check it out.

  23. posted by Keith Payne on

    I build Hiders for all kinds of litter pans including the Litter-Robot. Most of my customers want custom items. So, there are many different kinds on my website. They are not cheap! But, they will outlast all your cats and even you, LOL. I have been in business over 5 years and sell mostly from my website. But I have items on Ebay also.

    Have a good one, Keith

  24. posted by Catgenie reviews on

    My first thought was that the smell and other issues aren’t taken care of with this, but reading some of the comments, if you coupled this with one of the automatic litter boxes you’d really be on to something…

  25. posted by Clint Cora on

    Now if we can only do somthing like this for our dog litterboxes since both of my lhasa apso dogs are completely trained indoors like cats. But so far, the only dog litterboxes out there still look like giant plastic pans.

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