Uncluttering advice from The New York Times

I’m a big fan of Mark Bittman’s food column in The New York Times. His column is titled “The Minimalist,” so it’s difficult for an unclutterer not to be an avid supporter.

I haven’t linked to any of his pieces before because The New York Times has had pay-to-access archives and columns that made links pointless. (Hey! Pay $5 to look at this column! Just kidding!) The announcement on Tuesday that the paper will no longer charge to access any part of its website changed that frustrating situation. Now, we can link to Bittman’s and other writers’ columns knowing that all of our readers will be able to see the text. Hooray!

The article I’ve been longing to link to since July 18 is Bittman’s “101 Summer Express: Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes of Less.” Uncluttered, simple cooking is my kind of cooking.

Once I pulled up Bittman’s article, I couldn’t stop myself from perusing the whole of their archives for other clutter-free columns and articles. Here are some gems that I found during my search:

Enjoy the links. Additionally, this might be another opportunity for me to offer up the advice to cancel your daily print newspaper subscription to our New York City readers. Also, let us know in the comments if you find other uncluttering articles in the archives that we may have missed!

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  1. posted by Joe on

    Bittman also had a great article earlier this year on how to completely outfit your kitchen with all of the essential tools for only $200. Not only does he minimize clutter by eschewing things like pan lids and unnecessary unitaskers, but he keeps it to a very reasonable budget.


  2. posted by Ratphooey on




    Perhaps they are obsolete now that content is free?

  3. posted by three day blog on

    Wow.. I have some reading to do. Thanks for the links.

  4. posted by Clarice on

    I loved the simple meals article…to the point that I printed it out and stuck it inside my copy of The Joy of Cooking. And ended up faxing it to a coworker when she wasn’t sure her fax was working.

  5. posted by Organize IT Recap: Personal Mission Statements, Job Satisfaction | Organize IT on

    […] content which means which means all those useful productivity articles are finally free to view. Unclutterer has done a nice compilation of the best […]

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