Shameful Attempt to Garner Traffic from Productivity Blogs

iPod Touch PDA Case

The Hipster PDA is a wonder of personal productivity. What could be simpler than an ordinary stack of standard 3×5 index cards bound together with a clip? Easy use, and cheap refills make the Hipster PDA a favorite among hyperproductive GTDers.

But such convenience and usability can come at a dangerous price. Timbuk2 and Tom Bihn bags littered with stray index cards become a cluttered disaster, and battle-worn knuckes scarred from the cuts of rebellious action lists are unsightly and can take days to heal. But there’s hope.

For just $299, the iPod Touch comes with a box that is perfectly sized to hold nearly one hundred index cards bound together with clips. Finally, you can safely store and transport all of your tasks and actions into whatever contexts life may take you.

The iPod Touch box also includes an iPod Touch, which is kinda cool too.

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  1. posted by Loren Davie on

    I like the Moleskine Memo Pocket for this purpose. Its the perfect size for 3×5 cards, and I can sort items into “blank” and “used” cards.

  2. posted by verily on

    Couldn’t you just use the iPod Touch to save your information and eliminate the need for index cards?

  3. posted by Charles Martin on

    I just wish they made those memo pockets more sturdy. They tend to bend and soften due to wear (I’m a guy, so it’s in my pocket all the time). I’ve found a few inexpensive replacements, but it’s the same with each.

    However, I look forward to the arrival of my index card storage box with bonus iPod Touch.

  4. posted by Charles Martin on

    to verily,

    iPod Touch has no Note application (unlike the iPhone). So there is no way within the iPod touch to take notes. However, if you use the wi-fi function, you can take notes on your favorite web-based app.

  5. posted by Anonymous on

    this is funny,,,

  6. posted by Anonymous on

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. posted by Lemonade Stand on

    Nicely written. Thanks for the humorous post.

    p.s. The Apple iPhone has decluttered my life of address books, scraps of paper, maps and sticky notes. I highly recommend it.

  8. posted by beth on

    Similar to what Charles mentioned, on the iPod touch you cannot edit your calendar entries directly from the iPod, you must do it on your computer and sync. You can, however, edit calendar entries directly on an iPhone. I had no idea how badly I needed one until I got it.

  9. posted by Charles Martin on

    For me, the calendar editing is not so important… I use Google Calendar and then sync it with my iCal. And since that sync is not currently both ways, all changes I make have to be done on Google Calendar anyways. Thus, the iPod Touch calendar will serve the same purpose for me as iCal on my MacBook.

  10. posted by Brian on


    iCal and Google Calendar can be synced bidirectionally using a product called Spanning Sync ( At $25/year (or $65 one time) it’s a little pricey for what it does, but if you need to sync both ways, I haven’t yet found a better way to do it.

  11. posted by Mrs. Micah on

    You’re going to get me in trouble for reading this at work! *shakes with laughter*

    If I actually use the hipster PDA, and I’ve been thinking about it, I’ll probably make one out of leftover fabric and unclutter at the same time!

  12. posted by verily on

    Wow, I wasn’t aware that the iPod Touch was so restricted. Maybe someone will figure out how to put an organizer type program on there.

  13. posted by Charles Martin on

    Actually, a cloth Hipster PDA would look pretty cool. Know any places with patterns for that? I’ve already got a few ideas bouncing around in my skull. (Yeah, I know how to sew and stuff… making my own costumes for Renaissance Faires save me a bundle and my costume is truly unique.)

  14. posted by Charles Martin on

    I bet they come out with an update a few months down the road to “upgrade” the calendar on it just due to the general blograge about it. I also expect to see some apps such as the Notes application become available for a nominal fee.

  15. posted by Robert on

    Wonderful! Thank you, made me laugh out loud!!

  16. posted by Louisa on

    Levenger has always sold a leather pocket that holds index cards. I think it’s called the shirt pocket briefcase or something like that. I’ve had very good results with Levenger products, but they’re not cheap. Of course, neither is Moleskine.

  17. posted by Jacque on

    I will gladly take the iPod Touch off your hands, freeing the box to become a useful Hipster PDA holder for you, without the annoying electronic contents.
    Contact me for my mailing address . . .

  18. posted by lesliet on

    The link to the hipster PDA didn’t work for me, but this one did:

    Thanks for the amusing post.

  19. posted by Andy C on

    You caught me. Great post. 😉

  20. posted by tbrock on

    I agree with Louisa,|Level=2-3|PageID=2398|Link=Img

    The Levenger index cart holder, the shirt Pocket Briefcase, is fantastic. slots for new, used, and being used cards. I love mine. and it is sturdy.

  21. posted by Brad M on

    Staples has a ~$8 version of the shirt pocket briefcase from Buxton. Works great and come with some sample cards.

    Office Depot sells a Franklin Covey version (in black leather only) of the wallet-style pocket briefcase for ~$15. A much better buy than the Levenger one.

  22. posted by Sairey Gamp on

    I use scrap paper for my hipster PDA. I tear 8 1/2 x 11 sheets into four along the edge of my desk. So much scrap paper accumulates in my office, in fact, that I can be picky about it and use only our high-quality rag bond for my PDA. Ha! The remaining paper, clean on one side and nothing sensitive on the other, goes to my son’s daycare for the kids to draw on.

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