Unitasker Wednesday: The Perfect Pushup

So you think you can get a workout in your own home without adding clutter to your life? Think again! The Perfect Pushup is a product that will make you into a buff, pushup machine. I mean, just look at the ripped dudes they show performing perfectly executed pushups in the commercial! They don’t touch the ground with their hands–touching the ground is so uncool!

If you are going to get ripped faster than a Navy SEAL, you will have to add this unitasker to your life. Oh, and speaking of Navy SEALs, The Perfect Pushup was invented by one so you know it will get your body into shape. Stop doing those caveman pushups you were taught to do by some regular gym teacher and go for the gold with The Perfect Pushup.

**The man pictured may or may not be a Navy SEAL. Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Michael on

    If you’re doing lots of pushups, a product like this isn’t that ridiculous. Not only does it allow you to go down further, it saves your wrists from the pain of being bent under all your weight.

  2. posted by Johnny on

    I agree with Michael. This product won’t do much for most people, but it reduces wrist stress for people who do a lot of push-ups and/or harder push-up variations. I’d use them since I currently have wrist tendonitis and regular push-ups hurt my wrist right now.

    That being said, I actually prefer something like [gymnastic] ring exercises for upper body work that allows your wrists to stay in a relatively neutral position.

  3. posted by David on

    I usually laugh at these sorts of single-use workout products. One product that I did recently get was something that I’d been using with my physical trainer called the TRX Suspension Trainer. It’s basically an adjustable hanging strap with handles. (I got mine at http://www.fitnessanywhere.com, and no, I’m not in any way affiliated; and yes, it’s not cheap.)

    This thing is good for a whole host of exercises, and it’s light and takes up very little room in my suitcase, so I can travel with it…. And I guarantee that doing a push-up by hanging it from above and using the handles suspended just above the ground is a lot more demanding (and a better workout) than these silly “perfect push-up” platforms.

  4. posted by hak on

    As a semi-retired personal trainer, and one who executed many types of push-ups (courtesy of the U.S. Navy and the instructors at BUD/S), I’m confident in saying this is definitely a goofy product. If you want to add more range of motion to a push-up, just stack a couple of books.

    Johnny…try doing push-ups on your knuckles, thumbs facing forward. It’s not as hard as it sounds and it puts your wrists in a more neutral alignment. That’s how I was able to continue to do push-ups during a bout of nasty carpal tunnel a few years back.

  5. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    I agree with “hak” do knuckle push-ups. I have also found that if you buy dumbbells with hexagonal ends (as opposed to round ones) you can use the dumbbells the same way as the “perfect-pushup” thingys.
    Also, the dumbbells come in handy when you want to do bicep curls or upright rowing etc etc. Buy multi-tasker not unitasker!

  6. posted by A gal on

    Hey David, my personal trainer just gets me a 10 foot length of rubber tubing at the sports medicine store–$12. it folds up in a small ball in the suitcase, and when I am strong enough, I just upgrade to another color without feeling guilty. Makes me feel a bit like a karate ace too, cause the top level is the black band! 🙂

    Now on push ups. Trainer and I discussed this exact product and she taught me good form that doesn’t require such a gadget. I focus on screwing my elbows out and then in as I rise up, takes much of the stress out of the hands, and is actually better form too as it allows the chest muscles to help push you up.

    so in the end, a trainer may be expensive, but she saves me a lot of money on unnecessary gear and saves me time by giving me whole body exercises that work efficiently. Lost 22 pounds in about 12 weeks.

  7. posted by David on

    “A gal,” thanks for the response. I’ll agree the product I show is probably overpriced, but I seriously doubt that your rubber tubing is a worthy replacement. (It would have to be incredibly thick if it’s something that you can push all of your body weight against. Also- rubber tubing would stretch, which really isn’t what you want in this instance.)

    On the other hand, there are lots of really great exercises that you can do with rubber tubes. I like these as well, but I don’t see them as a replacement for what I have. (Most rubber tubes just aren’t designed to handle 200+ lbs of weight.)

    Regarding form, this is a much harder push-up than what you get with your hands on the ground or on platforms. (I’ve done both many times, and I’d say that the difference is that holding handles on a freely hanging strap that’s attached at a point over your head requires a *lot* more stability control.) I’ll have to try it combined with the elbow technique that you mention.

    I actually bought the equipment just after my trainer moved away to pursue a career in cancer rehab therapy. Until then, I was using his equipment… now, I’m just trying to keep myself motivated!

  8. posted by Mudry on

    I guess that such things are cluttering the house. They are not polyfunctional and you need to keep it.
    Though their idea is nice

  9. posted by reid on

    I just bought these recently. Yeah, they’re making a healthy profit; they’re light and plasticy. But they are pretty nice and comfortable to use. Another plus is that they can rotate, so you’re able to turn as you push up. I’m still getting used to them and can’t testify to the benefit. I also have powerblocks, which are beefy, adjustable dumbells; as mentioned above they’re square and work pretty well as push-up aids, too. But I like to leave the push-uppers on the floor properly positioned in front of a bench (where I put my feet), and they free me to use the dumbells for other things.

  10. posted by Juan on

    I have been using this product for a few months now and I can tell you one thing… Perfect Pushups really work. I have been lifting heavy weights for years, but this product wears me out more than anything else I have used. I got rid of my old pushup bars because they were limited. I am getting close to using the “50 rep” workout already. The workout schedule is also simple to follow (simple,not easy). I’m 6’0 and weight 250 lbs, and the Perfect Pushups can easily support my weight so I don’t know what some of you guys are doing with your Perfect Pushup bars but I can only imagine… If you’re trying to sell a different product that supposed works better, prove your products results before talking any trash about this one. Also, if pushups aren’t working for you, then either you are superman or your not doing them right in ther first place.

  11. posted by Jon on

    Very helpful Juan,
    After reading all the responses, I think I’ll give them a try. Oh, by the way everyone, the perfect push up is $20-25. at Walmart– where I’m getting mine.

  12. posted by Jim on

    Perfect Pushup- Poor Customer Service so beware.
    I recently went on line to the Perfect Pushup web site and purchased one for my son. Next thing I knew they billed me for 2. I called immediately to get one of the orders cancelled. I was told they could not do it for 24-48 hours and call back. Which I did the next morning. They promised me they would take care of it and guess what? They shipped out 2 and billed me for 2!!! So much for their customer service. Infact I made 3 phone calls and no one acted like they could solve this problem…. I hope their product is better than their company because I would never buy from them again!!!!

  13. posted by Gluck on

    I got mine yesterday from walmart. They have something called perfect pushup basic. I think these are 2006 version and they are for half the price. The 2007 version is better built (wider base, steel handles and are heavy) and the handles are joined to the base where as the basic is plastic and you need to join the handles to the base. I couldn’t find any other difference between the two so I ended up buying the basic ones fro half the price.

    I normally do 40-50 pushups in one set but when I used this after the 7-8 pushup I felt my chest and arms burning so I started with the 10 max routine. What is different with this machine is that after doing one drill 8-6-4-2 you can really feel the difference. It is just 20 pushups but I was struggling to finish my last two. I will try the whole 21 workout and post my results.

    I really felt this was crap before buying this but my cousin who completed his 21 day workout showed me his results and they were amazing so I thought of buying them. I think you should get it from walmart and if it doesn’t work just return it. The product does come with 30 day return from manufacturer.

  14. posted by Sarah on

    I saw a commercial for this product yesterday with an endorsement from unclutterer.com and I knew it was a unitasker Wednesday product!! Call your lawyers, your clutterless name is being besmirched on cable TV!

  15. posted by Jon on

    I bought these at dicks sporting goods on 10-4-07 and have been using them since then, have been through 2 21 day cycles and just started my third one last week.

    They are ok. My goal is to get to at least 50 regular push ups (not using the p push ups bars) and I’m not there yet. Before starting to use them I could always get at least 30-35 reg p ups, so it’s not like I was terribly out of shape when I started using them. I’m only around 165lb and run at least 20-25 miles per week, so I’m not a couch potato or anything.

    After my first 21 days I got 40 p ups (without the p push ups) and felt great, since then I haven’t been able to do 40 again. 🙁

    I thought after getting 40 after the first 21 day cycle that 50 was just around the corner, but oh well.

    I will say this though, the second cycle I was using the max of 20 rep workout (you max out doing push ups with the p push up bars, then you use that workout on the sheet that comes with the bars), and I stayed with that workout for the third cycle I just started and it is much easier with this time doing the 20 rep max workout than it was the last time, so they do make you stronger, for some reason when I do reg push ups without the p push up bars my reps haven’t increased yet. I took two days off from doing the p push ups so that I could be well rested enough to max on reg push ups and the front of my shoulders were not 100% rested yet, so I think these do work you out pretty well.

    I ended up taking them back to Dick’s yesterday and going to wal mart and buying the basic version for $20. They are the same, except more plastic in the design and you snap the handles on the base. They also have these really crappy knock offs at wal mart called push up pro that do the same thing but boy are they cheap looking, they also sit about an inch closer to the ground than the p push ups do-they are also $20. I will keep using these, if nothing else it gives you a workout regimen to follow that does make it more interesting than just dropping to the floor and doing regular ole push ups.

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