Single hook bike solution

A while back we took a look at bike storage solutions, and here’s a super-simple, super-stylish one brought to our attention by the indispensable Swiss Miss. The Leonardo Single Bike Hook is, well, a single hook that eschews unsightly hardware but gets the job done nonetheless.

Leonardo Bike Hook

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  1. posted by Olga on

    Although the tire technically doesn’t touch the wall, I think that (being a total klutz) I would end up marking the wall every other time trying to get the bike in there… They seem to make little trays that screw to the wall to protect from this, but the key word is “little”–I think it’d be a hit or miss there, too. Although you can’t beat the price compared to a freestanding rack, I’d still opt for one of those, I think, especially since I’m a renter and would need to deal with screw holes/scuff marks at the end of my tenancy.

  2. posted by Ryan on

    Looks a little tacky.

  3. posted by Anne on

    I tried lifting my bike to the wall once to see if it was feasible to use one of these, and found that I’d have to live with having dents and grease from the bike all over my wall, and I practically pulled something in the attempt. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and I’d love to use a single-hook wall rack like this, but I’m just not that strong.

  4. posted by PJ Doland on

    You could always buy a piece of plexiglass at the hardware store and mount it between the hook and the wall. That way, you could easily wipe any marks right off.

  5. posted by supersocco on

    Don’t bike in the rain, in the dirt or on the road. Because unless you clean your bike after you are done, it will go on your walls and all over your floor. Trust me, I used to try this. I had to re-paint and patch the area after I gave up.

  6. posted by David on

    I think bikes are a work of art, so if you put in a little effort to clean it without going too nuts you can keep the dirt to a minimum.

    Another alternative to the wall mount is to purchase threaded hooks at your hardware store (they’re cheaper, too) that you can mount on the ceiling. You’ll have to pre-drill a pilot hole but installation takes minutes PLUS you can mount it so the bike is slightly away from the wall. Then you could put an area rug or something below where the bike hangs and not worry about it leaving any visible signs behind (besides the hook).

    I used this in my house before adding an extension onto a garage and it was fairly handy.

  7. posted by Jon King on

    My experience indicates that getting the bike in and out of the apartment complex presents as much of a challenge as storing it. Someone should resurrect the door jam that can be operated from the door knob again. This would prevent pedals and derailleurs from thrashing wood doors and trim.

  8. posted by Jon Matthias on

    I don’t get these bike hooks. Unless you hang the bike from the ceiling, you’re not really saving any space – just getting the bike off the ground.

  9. posted by Dave on

    Look at him, using an iBook and everything. I bet when it gets cold out he slips on his Patagonia jacket and takes the L.

  10. posted by jennifer on

    And is totally dorky for being perpendicular to the wall. Every time I’d walk by, I’d smack into the thing.

  11. posted by Ef on

    Ok…. I’m trying hard to imagine my downhill bike hung on that thing… heeheehee

  12. posted by Nat on

    And that bike is so nice and shiny. Sure it’s really not really a room divider? Actually, we use this type of bike hook (cheaper, uglier version), but we are blessed with a garage. Hubby doesn’t have a problem putting the bike up, but I do b/c my bike is old and heavy. However, I do manage it. All in all, I’d rather stick it on the wall than having it occasionally fall over and take up twice as much room on the floor.

  13. posted by Michael Doig on

    I recently bought one of these racks and I love it. I have high ceilings so it keeps our bikes up and out of the way. People always comment on the bikes hanging there on the wall, it’s like having a bike shop in your apartment.

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