Tips for a low-maintenance garden

In the book The Low-Maintenance Garden: A Complete Guide to Designs, Plants and Techniques for Easy-care Gardens by Susan Berry, there are many tips on how to prepare your yard for a low maintenance garden. The most important being the design of your garden. A well-designed garden will go a long way in keeping it low maintenance.

Here are two of my favorite tips from the book:

… planting can be much easier to look after if you plan it carefully. Evergreens are generally easier to look after than deciduous plants (less pruning, no sweeping up of leaves). Shrub borders and ground-covering perennials are the easiest options but it is vital that you choose plants that are appropriate for the climate and soil conditions, so that they thrive when left largely to their own devices. To this end, you also need to choose plants that are not too invasive or too fast-growing …

… you can turn a portion of your garden into either rough grass or semi-wild planting, which will not only benefit nature but ease the work in a larger garden. If you have only a very small area — such as a patio — you will need to find ways to make container planting less time-consuming by choosing plants that require less watering-one of the major time-consuming elements in any container-dominated garden …

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  1. posted by Misty on

    Thanks so much for this post! I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with garden maintenance, and would like to make our outside look better without having to do too much. I’ll definitely check this book out.

  2. posted by Aimee on

    Sounds like a great book. I am an avid gardener, but I love to plant native plants and perenials so I don’t have to work too hard. 🙂

  3. posted by jehb on

    Just a reminder – the easiest gardens to look after are those planted with species native to your region. Check with a locally based nursery or nature center for suggestions. Not only are these plants, for obvious reasons, much better adjusted to your climate, sunlight, soil type, and other conditions, but a native garden supports four or more times as many species of wildlife, which will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

  4. posted by Cliff on

    Brick it over. Absolute instant unclutter and unmaintenance.

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