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The response to our Unclutterer flickr group has been terrific. Currently, more than 115 people have joined the group and there are 39 pictures of uncluttered workspaces on the website. If you haven’t checked out the group recently, it’s worth a peek. Also, if you haven’t uploaded your office pictures yet, feel welcome to contribute to the group. We love seeing everyone’s uncluttered workspaces!

This week, I want to give a shout-out to KariAnn and her husband’s dual home office. There are close-ups of her workspace and her husband’s in the flickr group, as well. One wall of a room is used to support two home offices — it’s efficient, well organized, and stylish. The desk system would be especially nice in a room that doubles as a spare bedroom. KariAnn, your space is inspiring!

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  1. posted by Robin Elise Weiss on

    Where did they get that cool desk? I could so do that for my DH and I!

  2. posted by Katie on

    Don’t know where the one is the picture if from, but room and Board has a similar desk and bookcase:;cat=56

  3. posted by evan on

    The desks are these:

    and the shelf in the middle is this:

  4. posted by laurie on

    That flickr site is the BEST idea! I love looking at folks’ uncluttered spaces for ideas and inspiration!

  5. posted by bob on

    I also found them at Crate & Barrel:

    ( if that upper link is too long)

    $400 for two desks and one middle shelf. Not a budget breaker…

  6. posted by Robin on

    Thanks everyone!

  7. posted by Kari Ann on

    Thanks! So glad to see the response! Evan is right, the desks are from Home Decorators. They have lasted 6 years and various moves (once across country). We finally bought a new house – where they will be set up once again – but yes, we are adding a sofa with pull out sleeper to the room! You read our minds.

  8. posted by MissKim on

    Its about time, I was tired of sleeping in your living room 🙂

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