Unitasker Wednesday: Warm whiskers neck warmer

So you want to compete with the creepy cat lady who lives down the street? Well, now is your chance with the Warm Whiskers Neck Warmer. It is a stuffed animal that wraps around your neck after being heated in your microwave. Did you have a tough day at work? Your Warm Whiskers stuffed cat will make it all better. Just place it in your microwave for thirty seconds and place it on your neck and the pain will surely melt away. (Do not try this with actual cat.)

The 17 inch long cat is stuffed with buckwheat and lavender for a lovely scent that will make all your troubles float away. The troubles will inevitably return when you realize that you have a fake cat wrapped around your neck. You can also put the stuffed cat in the freezer too! (Again, not recommended for an actual cat.) The frozen cat can help with aching joints or migraine headaches. I guess it is a bit of a multi tasker since it can be heated and frozen. Oh well, don’t just sit there, get yours now!

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Mynydd_mor on

    Darn it! My old roommate and i were going to make our first million on this…we were at school and she missed her actual cat, who would happily curl up on her shoulders.

  2. posted by Amanda Himelein on

    It may serve only one purpose, but it’s a VERY important and recurring purpose – at least for females.

    Placed on the abdomen, it also melts away menstrual cramps. I call that worth the half a cubic foot it takes up in my cupboard.

  3. posted by Lana on

    If you can stand the smell…

    A friend gave me a gift like this once (it wasn’t a cute furry kitten though). I heated it up and tried to put it on my back, but the “lovely buckwheat and lavender scent” nearly knocked me out! I had to put the [email protected] thing in the garage and air out my house for hours.

  4. posted by Adam Snider on

    Creepy! But, not necessarily a unitasker. It could double as a stuffed toy for a small child!

    As weird as this cat thing is, those neck warmers are apparently a major blessing to people who get migraines, so they aren’t necessarily clutter for those people.

  5. posted by Maya on

    I gave the otter version of this to a friend who had just had a baby, and it was well-received. It seems unitaskers are common among the infant set.

  6. posted by thisisbeth on

    I have one of these in my car. I was in an accident a number of years ago, and long car trips can make my neck sore. I don’t need to heat it or anything, it just gives my neck a little more support. It’s well worth it, and it lives in the back window of my car when I don’t need it.

  7. posted by jo on

    You can make your own with a sock & some rice. Pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

  8. posted by Kris on

    I’m sure the people with chronic neck pain who need these are just astounded they can’t, you know, file their W2s into the fireproofed safe.

    It’s funny and cute. If this was just a neck support covered in blue terrycloth would it be featured here? Probably not.

    You guys should feature thermometers next, they don’t do anything except take temperatures!

  9. posted by Debby Bradley on

    where can I buy this cat microwave neck warmer and how much does it cost?

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