Grandparents, consider the fold away crib

Both sets of our daughter’s grandparents have a crib for her in their homes. The cribs take up a ton of space that neither homes have to spare. For soon-to-be grandparents considering a crib, you may want to look into the Stowaway Folding Compact Crib. If you are going to purchase a crib anyway, you should definitely consider this compact and easy to store alternative. When your grandchild isn’t around, the crib folds up and can easily be wheeled into storage.

If your son or daughter already has Pack and Play, you may want to consider bypassing the spare crib altogether. We use our Pack and Play as a crib for our daughter whenever we are traveling to a destination that is without a crib.

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  1. posted by jsullivan on

    Amen to the pack and play. We’ve used it at grandparents, vacations, picnics, in the front yard, sports games… it’s been on of the most versatile pieces we bought for our first child (and it’s still going strong with our third!). And it fits very nicely in the front closet when not in use.

  2. posted by sharon on

    We had the folding crib for years. It was first use by my parents and then by me when I had my boys 17 months apart.

    The pack and play is great but is very low and those with bad backs should opt for the folding crib.

  3. posted by Jay on

    @sharon, my 3 month old son has been sleeping in a pack and play, which has an bassinet insert that takes care of the lowness issues.

    here’s an example at amazon, but there are definitely others: Graco Pack N Play with Bassinet

  4. posted by Matt Law on

    This is great. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. posted by Zora on

    Some people don’t use cribs. My ex-husband and I didn’t. Our daughter slept on a futon next to ours until she was old enough to move to her own bed in a separate bedroom.

    This is a controversial subject and this blog is not the place to argue it. Just pointing out that some people don’t see a crib, folding or otherwise, as a necessity.

  6. posted by Anonymous on

    We have a pack and play at home, and at two other house so we don’t have to worry about a place for baby to sleep or play. Love them!

  7. posted by Andamom on

    My son is happily sleeping in his pack n play right now … and we’re at home. After vacation, we realized that he wasn’t sleeping as well in his crib as the pack n play. So, we switched — and we’ve now got a happy sleeping toddler. If this continues, we’re going to need to validate the purpose for the crib!

  8. posted by stacy on

    if the goal is simplification, cosleeping is a wonderful alternative to cribs and playpens.

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