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If you are traveling to a city which you are not familiar you probably have to take a map. Most maps are not very user friendly and they are a pain to fold back into their original configuration. A friend of mine recently traveled to San Francisco used a San Francisco Popout Map for the duration of his trip.

The Popout map is about the size of a postcard. It folds out and, as the name suggests, it pops out with two separate maps. One side is a detailed view of the downtown area and the other is an overview of the surrounding area. It is a very sleek alternative to a traditional map and it may help you hide the fact that you are a lost tourist.

Other available U.S. locations include:

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  1. posted by Molly on

    Yes! I love, love, love these maps. I studied abroad in Rome last year and my pop-out map lived in the pocket of my coat; it was invaluable. And now I’m moving to Toronto and the TO map was the first thing I packed.

  2. posted by Marten on

    Wouldn’t it be clutter to have maps like this? If you had a GPS or PDA, you could have all the maps on hand in one place without such clutter.

  3. posted by tiviander on

    I use these all over the world. They tend to be aimed at the tourist market (the residential half of San Francisco is missing) but are very valuable for quick over views and low key checkups. It is easy to pop one out under the dinner table to plan a route to the theater in London, without looking like a target. I also use one when visiting relatives to doublecheck one way streets and such.

  4. posted by matt on

    you could also just do away with map clutter and get an iphone, with the maps right on them. Oh wait, http://unclutterer.com/archive.....lutter.php iphones are clutter too!

  5. posted by Matt on

    matt, I never said the iPhone was clutter. I’m glad yours has helped you unclutter your life, but the vast majority of people who travel don’t have iPhones. They also probably don’t feel the need to purchase one instead of a $7 map that has a convenient compact design.

  6. posted by Andamom on

    I wanted to reiterate what Marten said… Our GPS is much better than a map for a variety of reasons…

    1) It talks to us — so we don’t have to look up when driving — or stop to examine a map.
    2) We can remove it and carry it on walks.
    3) We can zoom in to see details…
    4) It is compact.
    5) We can update the maps on it…
    6) It points out places of interest, food, etc.

    What’s not to love? I say, get rid of your maps and get a GPS.

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