After the yard sale

Well, the yard sale was a great success. The most important thing we succeeded in doing was getting rid of a ton of stuff we don’t use anymore. (In some cases, it was stuff we never used.) I was expecting to sell about $200 worth of our stuff. We ended up selling $500 so that was a pleasant surprise.

Some highlights and more tips:

  • The most expensive item we sold was an Ikea chair for $37. It was a chair we purchased a few years ago that never found a place in our home.
  • My wife set all the toys and child-centered items on low tables at kid’s eye level. It proved to work very well. All of my baseball cards were gone in the first few hours.
  • We found out that “National Garage Sale Day” was on August 10. Our sale was on Saturday the 11th along with numerous others in my parent’s neighborhood. We were not hurting for customers. The weather cooperated which also helped our sale become a success.
  • Everything we didn’t sell was immediately packed up in a truck and taken to the local Goodwill. We only had one truck load to transport.
  • The sale started at 7 am, but our first customer was there at 6:40 am. We also sold a couple large furniture items to neighbors that took a sneak peek at our sale the night before.
  • Some one stole a bag of old t-shirts from us, their lack of payment was made up by the fact that they uncluttered our lives a bit more.
  • Don’t be afraid to give stuff away. We gave quite a few things away for free. Usually, it was a toy but we did get rid of a love seat that saved us an extra trip to the Goodwill.

All in all, the sale was a great success. We got rid of tons of stuff that we didn’t need. I would definitely do it again, but hopefully we won’t accumulate that much stuff again.

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  1. posted by rodney on

    At our yard sale we put up signs early in the afternoon that after 3pm everything would be FREE. I don’t know that it brought many more people in, but it sure left us with a lot less to take to Goodwill! 🙂

  2. posted by Kris on

    Yes, we did this once, too. We had one guy come at 6pm and take everything that was left. I have no clue what he did with it .. but we were thrilled to be rid of it all.

  3. posted by Leslie on

    We just had a yard sale to keep anything unwanted from coming into our new house in the first place. It was certainly worth it, and I too hope to not accumulate that much stuff for a yard sale again, but unfortunately, I already have another ‘yard sale’ box started for all the things I find as we are putting away the last of our things from the move. Sigh.

  4. posted by Working Mom on

    I intend to have a yard sale shortly and instead of the typical model of pricing each item individually, I am planning on trying a new model. The sale will have a cover charge. For the cover charge, you will get a sack and can take anything you want that will fit into that sack. If it doesnt work, a more traditional model will be instituted!

  5. posted by Eric on

    My community does an annual garage sale thingy. Each year, we put out unused/unwanted stuff for free. Good stuff too (to some people). But for me, the real treat is not having it anymore and someone else may be getting use out of it.

  6. posted by Cliff on

    My yard sale trick is to price everything at either $1, $2, or $5. And leave signs up everywhere that say, “all prices negotiable, especially for package deals.” If you remember that the point is to get people to walk away with stuff, then the amount of money that you make needs to simply offset the time and effort (and photocopying the signs) and nothing more.

    A good time and place to do it is near a college campus at the start of a term. Kids are outfitting their new places and aren’t very “good” at uncluttering yet. 🙂

  7. posted by bibliocephalus on

    I had a big sale once where on the last day I instituted the following type of price structure. 1 book= 50 cents or two books for 25 cents. If someone wanted to buy a lamp marked $3, I would tell them they could have it for 1.50 if they picked out some books or plates too.

    It worked like a charm, and I only had about 2 boxes for the goodwill after.

    My take on garage sales is: other people are paying you to haul off your crap. I felt the least I could do was make it worth their while!

  8. posted by Wayne Kerr on

    We recently moved from a 4 bedroom house to a…a moving truck and eventually an apartment. We knew that we were going to move so in the span of 1.5 years we had 3 garage sales (city ordinance.) We made quite a bit of cash but oh how much less stuff we have. The upside is we didn’t move it, the downside is we still have closets full of “stuff.” The total impact is unsettling though as we can hardly use any of our closets. I like this site for the unique ideas on how to unclutter yourself and totally support garage sales.

  9. posted by Unclutterer » Archive » Clearing clutter by evaluating your stuff before a move on

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