Redefining the sofabed

Sofabeds are wonderful space-savers, but this is ridiculous. The Doc sofa bed has a mechanism that transforms the sofa into a bunk bed complete with a hideaway ladder and safety rail. It’s available from BonBon Trading.

(Via Furniture Fashion. Hat tip Desmond.)

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  1. posted by Sam on

    That’s incredible. I wonder how sturdy it is in bed-mode.

  2. posted by Melinda on

    Oh that’s cool. I would be a bit worried about safety, but that’s cool.

  3. posted by mamaloo, the doula on

    This is perfect for when your husband says, “oh, by the way, you know that band I’m going to see on Friday night? I told them they could crash here after the gig.”

    You have no idea how many nights I’ve had to climb over people on my way to the bathroom in the morning 🙂

  4. posted by Spark on

    That’s…ridiculous, as you have stated. I love it!

  5. posted by sherry on

    That is AWESOME!

  6. posted by Mudry on

    Wonderful staff.
    The only thing is to make a sofa back every morning. But for some guests in the house… it would be a nice solution

  7. posted by Brian on

    Their website is pretty cool. I wonder if there is an equivalent available in the US…. I could certainly use some of those space-savers in my place.

  8. posted by Cori on

    So it turns into twin-sized bunk beds? Can’t people just share a full/queen?

  9. posted by Liz on

    Wow. I don’t need it. But I feel draw to posses it never the less.

  10. posted by SUSAN on


  11. posted by disconnect on

    Does it transform by itself? Because if it does, I’M BUYING IT.

  12. posted by Margaret on

    Design & Comfort in NY sells these (and other nifty European convertables).

  13. posted by B on

    Disconnect, it transforms AND protects you from the Decepticons, who are masquerading as sideboards.

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