The 100 Thing Challenge

Reader John points us to his buddy Dave Bruno’s blog in which the intrepid blogger has decided to get rid of everything except for 100 things. After a major house cleaning and purge, he just wasn’t satisfied:

It’s just that, in grand scheme of things, it does not seem like enough. We have a lot of stuff. And honestly, it is difficult to purge. What goes? That is a hard decision. But I have an idea. A spontaneous idea that might change my life forever. I’m calling it the 100 Thing Challenge. And I’m taking it. Here is how it goes.

I’m going to only keep 100 things. All the rest gets purged. Sold. Given away. Traded 😉 Some how, all the other things will no longer remain in my possession.

He’s blogging his progress on the “challenge” and it should be interesting to track his progress.

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  1. posted by austin on

    i’m graduating from uni in a year, and i just started the same thing 🙂

    i cant think of anything worse than starting out my professional life with a u-haul worth of stuff that needs to get packed/unpacked every time i change jobs.

    my goal is to get down to a duffel bag and a pelican case full of hard drives on the day i graduate, with no other earthly posessions!

  2. posted by Lana on

    I think Jane Siberry (a.k.a. Issa) already topped this guy:

    As a recovering clutterholic, I’m simultaneously in awe and horrified!

  3. posted by Jaime on

    I assume books each count as a thing? Otherwise I’d set this challenge for myself as well.

  4. posted by Max on

    I personally think this is retarded. He does not count books, or clothes, or things that he co-owns. So he will have 100 things, like a pen, a hammer, etc. Does a CD count? What if it’s loaded on your computer.

    This seems arbitrary and nonsensical. It would be better to work off of volume than number.

  5. posted by Tony on

    Why stop at 100 things. Why not 75? Why not 50? Why not 200?

    In the grand scheme, is having 5 pens or 2 pens really matter? I think the “lifehacking” “organize EVERYTHING” “do-this-faster” “here’s a new way” side of the Internet is about the jump the shark.

  6. posted by Cliff on

    I’m thinking that what I’ll do is quite similar, but in a different manner. I intend to fully revamp everything, get myself down to nearly nothing. But the way I’m going to do it is NOT to look at what I have, and then think “I’ll keep this, get rid of that.” Rather, I’m going to IGNORE what I have, and make a list of what I think I OUGHT to have. Like, I’ll make a theoretical equipment list for all of life. Need: pen, pencil, paper. Don’t need: Levenger paper-clip-holder with cup-and-saucer style pencil and pen desk-top gadget container thingie. Etc.

    Then I’ll go through my stuff and, obviously, keep only that which is on my list. I intend for this to be a slow process, perhaps over the next 12 to 15 months, as part of my income for that time needs to come from selling off those things. Also, I’ll hope to move my things, from storage here to storage there and then into an apartment. At each move, there is opportunity for reduction.

    The interesting thing about the 100-things thing is the obsession with micro-management of it. The dude has some kind of hysteria! I’m getting “rid” of stuff so that I can live a type of life I want — nomadic. I want to be down to two boxes, four suitcases. That way I can choose my city each week, month, or year, and not have grief over getting my THINGS to the city, just my SELF.

    Kinda cuts back on cooking tho don’ it …

  7. posted by Kirk Roberts on

    Cliff: good luck with your personal challenge.
    As far as cooking, check out this article for the least you need in a kitchen:
    Of course, that is assuming your kitchen is stationary…

  8. posted by Aimee on

    That’s a neat challenge, but I wonder what will happen at the end, will he find that he wants more than 100, or will he be happy with the 100 he kept. Still, great to be thinking out of the box on simple living! 🙂

  9. posted by It’s amazing… « on

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