Unclutterer joins the LifeRemix network

Unclutterer is pleased to announce that it has joined LifeRemix, a network of personal enrichment blogs. LifeRemix blogs explore the topics of productivity, happiness, work and family balance, personal development, and, of course, home and office organization.

LifeRemix compiles headlines from all of its member blogs: Black Belt Productivity, Behance, Cranking Widgets, Dumb Little Man, Happiness Project, LifeClever, LifeDev, No Impact Man, Pick the Brain, Success From the Nest, Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek, WiseBread, and Zen Habits.

As a member of the network, a link to LifeRemix now will sit permanently on the right-hand sidebar of our homepage.

To garner a feel for the types of blogs featured on LifeRemix, check out 100 Great Tips to Improve Your Life. This article features entries from all the member sites.

2 Comments for “Unclutterer joins the LifeRemix network”

  1. posted by Andamom on

    That’s great! I frequent a few of these sites and must have missed the fact that they are tied together… Of course, as you all know, unclutterer.com will remain my favorite.

  2. posted by carolina on

    Oohhh! Cool! Thanks for the info.

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