Coleman multi-tasking blanket

Here at Unclutterer, we love multi-taskers. Especially, multi-taskers that can be stored away in a neat little bag. The Coleman All Outdoors 3-In-1 Blanket is a versatile blanket, poncho, and pillow.

This thing is perfect for camping, at a picnic, or taking it along to the stadium to watch a game. It folds neatly into the hood of the poncho to create a pillow for easy storage and to cushion yourself on an uncomfortable bleacher seat. The poncho is waterproof in case you get caught in the rain and the blanket serves you well at a picnic or for when you are chilly. It’s handle also makes it easy to hang on a hook in your garage or basement when it’s not in use. What more can you ask for? This thing is versatile on road trips and adaptable to a number of situations.

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  1. posted by Becka on

    This would be great unless you need more than one use at the same time. What if you are camping and need a poncho AND a blanket. Or if you take it on a picnic and decide to take a nap. Too bad for you, you are using your your pillow as a blanket.

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