A travel friendly solution for your baby’s dining needs

So you have an infant or toddler and you’re traveling to a destination that isn’t equipped with a high chair? This Easy Diner Portable Hook-On High Chair by Regalo is a great solution to your problem. The chair can be assembled and attached to a table in a few easy steps. It also stows away into a supplied carrying bag. We put one to use for a week on vacation and it was very useful. The chair was a little difficult to attach to the table, but that was due to the tightening mechanism which was a bit cumbersome. There is a similar product called the Phil and Ted’s MeToo Chair that is double the price, weighs less, and looks a bit easier to install if you are so inclined.

Other travel dining seats (like booster chairs) are a bit large and they don’t collapse down into a more manageable size. This hanging type of chair works well, is easily portable, and saves space in your trunk for your luggage.

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  1. posted by Josh on

    This would also be handy for those of us who don’t have kids but babysit an ever-growing number of nephews, nieces and godkids. I’m always on the lookout for kid gear that can be easily stowed in a closet when the kids aren’t over.

  2. posted by sandra on

    Great for small spaces too. We live in a small house with no room for extra furniture, so these chairs were the only “highchair” we ever had when our 2 children were small. I love multipurpose items, especially if they are small and efficient!

  3. posted by Cindy on

    Would this be ok as a permanent solution to a high chair long term? Like Sandra said in the above comment? We also don’t have that much space in our townhouse.

  4. posted by rositta on

    Just FYI, Target doesn’t ship to Canada. I just ordered a tripod travel chair through Amazon and had it delivered to California for reshipping to Canada. Kind of a bummer actually, this would have been a great gift for my travelling offspring…

  5. posted by Anonymous on

    My sister had something like this when her kids (now in their late twenties) were little. We took it to restaurants all the time and it was a godsend.

  6. posted by Anonymous on

    Looks like a uni-tasker to me …

  7. posted by Mark on

    It’s a unitasker.

    We got one from the Step Ahead catalog when our first one was about a year old. We used it a handful of times.

    Overall I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s a few drawbacks to be aware of…

    * we often found that the underside of the table had various structural pieces necessary for supporting the table that interfered with the attachment of the chair.

    * Trying to use it on the in-laws dining room table didn’t work too well as the table itself wasn’t that sturde to begin with.

    * It is not an “easy to use” baby accessory. If you’re trying to install this in a restaraunt by yourself while holding the kid, forget it.

    * finally, the kid’s feet dangle. This may be OK for once-in-a-while, but as for a permanent high chair solution this is not good.

    * Yes, it folds flat in it’s own carrying case, but it’s still bigger than it looks.

    Your mileage may vary.

  8. posted by stacy on

    parents’ laps work pretty good too, and are there wherever you go….

    all those *things* we thought we needed with our first child we never even bothered with after our second was born. All baby really needs are a dry bottom, a full tummy, and somewhere warm to sleep.

  9. posted by Melinda on

    Yeah, I second what Mark said. The arms are longer than it appears. You more or less have to take it apart to take it down. It’s also pain to clean.

  10. posted by Amy on

    It’s a uni-tasker in our house, but in a good way. We live in a very small space, and this is the only highchair my almost-2-year-old daughter has ever had. We don’t take it with us to restaurants, but use it several times a day in our home. It always stays attached to our table, so we only had to break it down and take it with us a few times when we go to the cabin. AND…it’s easily machine washable.

    Here’s a link of my daughter sitting in hers:

  11. posted by elizabeth on

    We bought this and didn’t like it…the back is completely vertical, while the bottom of the chair sags a little bit–not very comfortable to have your knees above your bottom. We gave it away.

  12. posted by Andrea on

    Friends of mine had something like this. The loved it till their son went on a bouncing kick… he’d bounce non-stop whenever he sat. Many restaurant tables weren’t heavy enough to take this without rocking.

  13. posted by Stephen on

    We had one of these when we had our first baby – had trouble finding a table it would fit on (many had lips wider than the widest setting of the clamp so you couldn’t get a safe grip) – a definite unitasker.

    It was soon demoted to Grandma’s house when we found this much neater alternative:


    Folds down to virtually nothing.

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