Unitasker Wednesday: Apple peeler-corer

My love affair with Williams-Sonoma’s endless supply of unitaskers continues with this contraption to help you peel and core your apples. This thing might come in handy if you are baking hundreds of apple pies out of your home kitchen, but if you make a couple of apple based foods a year you may want to skip this unitasker. It measures in at over a foot long and looks to be the size of a bench vise you’d see on someone’s woodworking bench.

So how many apples do you peel and core per year? In my household, I’d venture a guess of less than ten. (Maybe much less than ten.) But, if you are peeling and coring until your hands are sore, Williams-Sonoma has you covered.

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that seem to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Duff on

    This device is essential for throwing an apple pie party! 🙂

  2. posted by RadiantMatrix on

    My in-laws have one of these, for which I’m eternally thankful. It only gets used twice a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas); however, when making traditional “sister cakes” for gift-giving, it’s a boon.

    Each of these large krigle-like apple-cinnamon pastries uses around a dozen apples, and we make 10 or more of them each season. Without this device, we’d spend much more time, and be much more sore!

    Still, I agree that most folks would want to avoid such a thing.

  3. posted by mwh on

    I once had to help make soup for 300+ people, and the recipe called for apples – several dozen of them! Fortunately, a friend of a friend had one of these that we borrowed. It may be clutter, but it’s fun to use! Definitely something to borrow, not buy.

  4. posted by Sarah Hurst on

    And hey, it does potatoes, too! So I believe that technically makes it a dual tasker. 🙂

  5. posted by JustBeth on

    These have been around for years. My grandmother had one (although not from Williams-Sonoma), which she used not only for pies, but she also made her own dried apples. Like all unitaskers, if it’s something you actually use, it can be worth it. However, you don’t have to buy it at a fancy store.

  6. posted by Natasha on

    It peels AND cores…it’s a bitasker! 😛

  7. posted by Brian on

    Not only does it peel and core, it can create a long strand of apple peel. Try doing THAT by hand.

  8. posted by Nora Rocket on

    Fewer than ten, not “less than ten.” They call me The Grammartasker…

  9. posted by Haggie on

    i have a bird’s beak (tournée)knife for peeling. unlike this uni-turd, it is great for peeling any type of fruit or veg.
    and, i can peel a whole apple as one strip of skin with it. bird’s beak knives are also excellent for peeling soft-flesh items like ripe peaches or even tomatoes.

  10. posted by Becka on

    Hey! that thing peels potatoes too which unqualifies it for a unitasker. I loved mine. till it broke. Now all our apples and potatoes are eaten with the peel.

  11. posted by Anonymous on

    Indispensable if you want to make pies1

  12. posted by Kris on

    Tritasker—it slices the apples/potatoes as well. I have a love/hate relationship with mine.

  13. posted by Andamom on

    Although I dislike most gadgets, I cannot tell you the number of times that I have yearned for one of these. My kids and seemingly their friends want their apples to appear in nice easy slices — and they choose apples over most other fruit. Our family buys at least 5 or more apples per week… So, you can imagine how useful this would be. And, potatoes are another inexpensive food that is a pain to prepare… So, while it isn’t completely necessary, if you are like our family — this isn’t a useless device.

  14. posted by Trish on

    I have one of these and I use it every single day. I put a ‘slinky-apple’ in their lunchbox every day for school, and they eat ‘slinkied’ apples over the weekend. So my weekly tally is 14 apples.

  15. posted by Erik on

    My family went apple-picking a couple of times last year. It was a lot of fun, but cooking the apples without this device would have been a nightmare. Instead, because I have one, I’m eager to get another big basket of apples and make dozens of those great long peels. This is one unitasker I’m not giving up!

  16. posted by Sijmen on


    Why would you need to peel them? I like them as they are!

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