Uncluttered mosquito solution

As I type this, I’m at a cabin in rural Pennsylvania. The summer is underway and the mosquitos are out in full force. The cabin in which I am staying has many mosquito repellent solutions and they all work fairly well, but they are literally everywhere. There are five in plain sight from where I sit and they are all different.

Sprays, candles, and bug zappers are what most people turn to in their fight against mosquitos. All of these items, however, require storage and add clutter when strewn about the yard.

This weekend, I came across this article, which identifies five plants that will repel mosquitos naturally. I like the idea of looking at plants instead of my current view. Maybe a little creative planting around this cabin could keep the mosquito population at bay for next summer? I’ll get to it after I drink this lemonade …

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  1. posted by berta on

    i’d say best solution would be Sliding mosquito net in windows and doors.
    You buy them once (they are not too expensive) and forget about mosquitos forever.


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